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Color Vision - Plastic Review

July 15th, 2010 3:41pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Thank goodness that Mikame has produced his version of Color Vision.
As I don't own it, I can't comment-but then, Mikame is known for producing high quality props, often from wood.
Speaking of wood, Madhatter Magic has this trick, in wood, for about ten dollars. It's wood, but, the block is painted, and the color spots are plastic jewels. Perhaps I focus too much here on what this prop is made of-but, I see so many cheap plastic versions, some of them, just bad-that I'll either get Mikame's version, or, simply make one myself.
Another reviewer here mentions Marlo's 'Arcade Dreams', which includes Marlo's handling of Color Vision.
'Artful Dodges', a book by Eddie Fields, also includes some Marlo moves involving this prop. The Fields book, resparked my interest in this trick, which IS STRONG, when handled properly-as opposed to the usual instructions which came with this effect since, like, forever! Just goes to show, it's not the prop, it's what you do with it.
I can compare Color Vision with a related effect, 'Die Divination Box' which was invented and put out by Joe Berg many years ago. Jay Leslie's House of Enchantment still makes the Berg box, in lacquered wood. It's a slightly different method, a smaller box yet I actually prefer Color Vision because of it's design/construction. Even if your'e fine doing this with a version you can pick up at Spencer Gifts, spend time researching the routining of Marlo, and others, because this trick is too GOOD to live only in disposable magic sets for kids.

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The magician asks a spectator to place a small die with different colored spots on each side into the box. The spectator is to remember the color of the spot on top and place the lid on top. Without opening the box, the magician can now tell the spectator which color the spectator choose.

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