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Symbologic Review

July 15th, 2010 3:41pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This trick has 3 principals behind it's working. The first one I'll touch upon, is an extra card which needs to be taped to and then easily removed from another card. The instructions acknowledge the over stickiness of the tape, and suggest running it on your thumb several times. It's a fine point, but it takes some experimentation to get the right amount of adhesion on the tape, and also reducing the size of the piece. One does not want to 'pull' cards apart, as this would risk exposing the modus operandi ( at least one aspect of it.)
The second principal is classic, the one used in mental epic.
The third principal, deals with the backs of the cards themselves. This effect can be performed with the spectator having their cards face up, but-I believe it's a stronger trick when both sets of cards are FACE DOWN. To be able to do THAT, one needs to be clear of markings which are tiny and subtle. Lighting would need to be ample enough; I sometimes check beforehand, 'do I wear my glasses for this or no?'
Presented as the instruction initially indicate, it's strong-take the time to do the trick with face down cards, and it's even stronger. Not a trick to do straight out of the package, but well worth a few hours to get everything down.
I'll note that it's also possible, once you get the routine, to use regular playing cards to perform Symbolgic.
To me, this is an easy to carry mental gem, from a very influential master, Hen Fetsch. I definitely recommend this.

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Author: Fetsch, Hen
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You display two sets of ESP cards. Both sets contain the five classic ESP symbols-a circle, cross, three wavy lines, square and a star.

You and the spectator mix the cards completely and you correctly predict what card the spectator will place down first. This is repeated with the second card, then the third, the fourth, and finally the fifth! With the turn of each card the effect is more incredible. Symbologic is so clean and direct it will astonish even the most hard-to-please audiences.

# Each and every card is predicted with 100% accuracy
# No tough moves or sleight-of-hand
# No forces or multiple outs

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