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Packet Tricks Review

July 15th, 2010 3:39pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I may have paid a little more than $5 for this book, but, it's worth far more in terms of content. It's easy to miss on a bookshelf, with it beige cover and mid-low key type treament.
Contributors include Roy Walton, Vic Trabucco, Phil Goldstein, Jerry Mentzer, Peter Kane, and others. In my opinion, this is a small, serious scholarly text, with clear black and white photographs. The book is split into two sections: packet tricks with regular cards, and those with 'something special'. One legendary trick, Dai Vernon's 'Royal Monte', is explained here with Roy Walton's handling. Other classic's are Peter Kane's 'Jazz Aces' and Vic Trabucco's direct handling of 'Twist'. Some of the sleights and routines take care and practice, but the material I think is largely accessable.
I consider this to be one of those foundational texts, that gave me the sense of 'look no further'-a solid gem in that seemingly broad, endless ocean of card literature-not to mention the 'sub-ocean' of packet tricks. It also validates my 'look BEHIND YOU and NOT only at the newest products' approach. It's similar in ways to 'Stars of Magic' in terms of 'there's enough in this book, to last you for many years to come-if you study and master the material'. To me, 'Jazz Aces' alone, was well worth the cost of the book.

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Author: Mentzer, Jerry
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This is a magic book titled Packet Tricks by Mentzer, Jerry
Format: Paperback
Publication Summary: 1993, 63 pp

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