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Mutanz Review

July 9th, 2010 2:39pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Walk with me for a few moments...

...I'm at this carnival. Walking around, with the usual sights and smells of a carnival. I hear this man's voice, and it must be a barker. I move towards the voice, where I can more clearly hear his words:
"Step UP ladies and gentlemen, step up and IN-SEE! SEE them, the GROTESQUE MUTANTS! Only 20$! They're STRANGE! HORRIBLE! PHANTASMAGORIC! Ladies and gentlemen, they are WEIRD! Supernatural MUTANTS the LIKES of which NO person has EVER SEEN BEFORE...!'
And I think, 'what could be inside of this tent, this guy whose name tag reads 'Doc Farmer'-? I'm curious so I pay my money ( only eight dollars, because Madhatter Magic was having a sale).
Visions of Mutants fill my head, based on the man's WORDS-what will I see inside? Two Headed people? Three eyed people? Two torsoed people? Mutant babies in jars?!! What does a mutant LOOK like?
I step in...

The inside of the tent, is dark, quiet and apparently empty. A dim spotlight in front, but it's on an empty stage. No one. Silence. I wait, and start to wonder if I've been had.
To my left, I hear a man clear his throat. I'm not alone apparently. This other guy seems to be waiting for the show. He's quiet, conservative looking.
More minutes pass. Nothing. No mutants, no jars of two headed babies, no two torsoed anyone...NOTHING, compared with the barker's pitch.
I start to get up, ready to go get my money back, but the quiet man speaks.
'Hey...while we wait, lemme show you a minute?' I paid my money, so I got nothing to lose.
He pulls out a packet of cards. All queens of clubs, four of them.
He turns one face down-they ALL magically turn face down.
He turns one face up-they ALL magically turn face up.
Again, he turns one down, again they ALL turn face down.
Then, he takes a queen, and smoothly puts it in his pocket. Snap, it turns up again in his hand, with the other queens.
'Now' he says, 'hold out your hand'-I do, and he gives me two face down queens, keeping two in his hand, face up. Snap.
His cards now have double faces-my cards have double backs! I smile, and he chuckles with me.
'Nice trick!', I say, sincerely.
'Thanks. My name's Roy.'
'And the guy outside?!'
Then, Roy pulls out a Doc Farmer mask, puts it on, and does the barker guy voice.
'So-you're him, or.. he's you-?' I say...'talk about a two headed mutant!'
Roy laughs...'Well, HE had to get you IN here, didn't he?!!!'
He hands me the packet of queens in an envelope, and I leave to go spend some time with these curious ladies, who are by no means 'grotesque'-just a little misguided-a titch mischievous, but nice looking, as queens of clubs go.

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Author: Bob Farmer
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Inexplicable unexplainable enigmatic and just plain weird!

Strange and supernatural forces twist and possess ordinary cards until they become grotesque mutants - in the hands of the spectator!

  • No Angles
  • Everything Examinable
  • Resets Instantly
Includes special bicycle cards & detailed photo-illustrated instructions.

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