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TelekinetiCredit Review

July 8th, 2010 4:26pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
This is a trick of opportunity-considering that smoking has been near universally banned from the indoors of public places-in some cases outdoors as well. You catch the person smoking at about the halfway point of the cigarette. Pull out the card, perform the trick. A friend of mine who first tiold me about this effect was FLOORED-because HIS focus was on the fact that HIS cigarette was taken, levitated, then given back. Pretty strong, spontaneous piece.
The card is cleverly gimmicked-although despite the camouflaging, I think the operative 'something' could been made even finer (more invisible). The card does NOT have raised numbers, which would add to the legitimacy of the card. On the other hand the card has to been thin and flexible, in order for it to function as it needs to. The handling takes care of any potential exposure, and once the cigarette is placed, there is NOTHING to see, except the rise. Careful, though: if you accidentally melt this card, you can't just go and remake it yourself. Which leads to the issue of price: nearly $30 for something that I might expect to buy at half the price. The printing is part of the effect, and it seems like a foreign made product which may effect the market price. Speaking of foreign, the instructions while clear, have nearly five errors, so far as sentence structure. A few sentences actually make no sense. Doesn't add up to gross confusion, but it's like 'what does THAT statement mean?!' It could be worse-Tango, from my experience has instructions so poorly written, that I swear they need to hire a translator. That's another story.
I added one touch to my card-not that I had to, but-I added the white strip on the back, and signed my name. It's a believable card. and your audience will accept it (with or without the signature strip).

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You can borrow a burning cigarette or chewing gum from somebody. You show both sides of your credit card! You lay the cigarette or chewing gum on the credit card. You begin concentrating and moving your hand in a magic way. The cigarette starts standing up very slowly till the angle of 90 degrees. It moves as for your commands. At last the cigarette lays back to the card. You can do it anywhere, anytime.

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