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Pre Deck Ability Review

July 6th, 2010 6:04am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
The ONLY negative thing I can think of, regarding Pre Deck Abilty is that I didn't receive my copy of it in time to work it into a recent performance at a fundraiser. There-thats it!
No need for me to repeat the ad/blurb for this effect-it is what is says it is.
It actually excited me that the working of this wonderful trick, is so simple compared with the EFFECTS it produces. Like Colombini does in the manuscript, I thank Bob Hummer and Simon Aronsen for originating this effect. While learning and practicing this, I fooled myself-you know, when you have a principal, are putting it into action...yet you don't quite know how it's working...BUT IT IS!!! And it's so simple-the predictions gradate like a cone, from wide, to the final pinpoint-tip climax. It's all so fair, and the cards even TO YOU will seem impossibly screwed up! Great audience participation/involvement, setup is less than a minute-on a smaller scale, use a pocket pad as opposed to a larger one with the oversized playing card. I just have only great feelings about this effect in ALL ways, so, I'm obviously looking forward to performing it next chance I get. So much entertainment for about ten bucks. Five BIG tomatoes to Mr. Colombini for making this gem more broadly available !

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Author: Colombini, Aldo
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From Aldo Colombini. A great and high impact routine (endorsed by Jon Racherbaumer in Linking Ring magazine). Three predictions are given out and a spectator cuts and shuffles the cards as long as he wants, creating a face up and face down situation. You predicted how many red and black cards are in the face down section, with a surprising climax that will blow their heads off. A big hit during Aldo's close up shows receiving standing ovations during lectures and at the Magic Castle. Use any deck (even if not full.). Easy to do. The most powerful routine ever. In booklet form.

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