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Bottoms Up Review

February 4th, 2016 10:29pm
Reviewed by Cyril May
Bottoms Up is a great yet basic effect. The magician causes a common plastic water bottle to stand up in his or her palm. The gimmick works in a fashion similar to another common stand-up-an-object effect. could make something like this on your own but for the price and saving of time, plus the creativity it took to transfer the technology to a new medium, I suggest getting this trick. I carry it in my briefcase given that, as a recycling professional, the effect works well with corporate and public meetings. The effect is so universal, however, a million storylines, and simple direct display without words, make this a potential mainstay.

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Author: Tom Burgoon
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An unseen force causes an ordinary empty water bottle to levitate and stand upright in the palm of your hand! No threads, wires or magnets! The effect can be performed completely surrounded! You can even borrow the bottle!

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