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Castle Prediction Review

June 15th, 2010 4:19pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I honestly don't know when card castles first began to appear in magic shows.
My sense has been that they date back to Robert Houdin's time, possibly earlier. For years, I'd see them in magic shops, and they were always done in standard size cards, and seemed designed for stage usage only. More recently, Andrew Mayne's 'CastleMaynia' caught my eye-but it seemed to be more of a novelty to pull out of one's wallet (still cool), and couldn't be taken much further than that. I was very pleased to have then heard about 'Castle Prediction'. That it can come with standard cards OR miniature cards, was even better-I don't work on stage. The castle I received is very cleverly constructed, easy to open and close; and treated with care, I think will last for quite sometime. One minor point, is that the ad mentions pulling out a large card from an envelope. This led me to believe that I would recieve an envelope, but there wasn't one in the package. The envelopes size is not too common, so, I made my own until I find one that is the right size. The effect is a COMPLETE surprise, to spectators-very positive responses! It's also just a very very pretty effect. I'm glad that Bazar De Magia came out with this, as it brings the card castle to a more easily carried scale. I think it's well made, reliable, and just charming.

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Author: Bazar De Magia
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The magician displays a sealed envelope to the audience and places it on a table in full view of the audience explaining that it contains his prediction. From a normal pack of cards a spectator makes a selection, let's say the six of hearts. The magician opens the envelope and removes a jumbo card, but it's the three of clubs. Not to worry, the magician snaps his fingers and the jumbo card turns into a card castle made out of mini-cards. When the castle is turned around all of the cards match the spectator's selection. Comes complete with special gimmick and detailed instructions.

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