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Horsin Around Review

June 3rd, 2010 11:34am
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
I saw an online demo of this effect about a year ago-and I remembered having seen and heard about it over the past few decades. It once seemed to me to be a corny trick, the kind of a cheesy trick you'd do for the boys-except from my uncle's generation! Do it maybe for the same married guys who collect Playboy party jokes.
Now, I don't have this with me all of the time (yes, I now own it!)
but, this trick prompted me to add some humor to what I do, magically. The effect itself, is initially interesting, as it has picture segments on it-as opposed to the usual playing card faces. The plot is a kind of monte effect, hooking the viewer into the chance to see pieces of the mostly naked lady all fit together. Ofcourse, it's a sucker trick, mystifying and laughable at the same time. Visual artist that I am, I appreciated the clever formatting, and the way part of the drawing can be interpreted as both female part-and then horse head part. Simple, but quite clever.
This trick HAS been around for awhile-but, what I'll now share I think speaks to it's effectiveness. I initially showed Horsin Around NOT to some salesmen in a Holiday Inn cocktail lounge, or at a poker game wit' the 'boys'-no, I showed this trick to a couple of young bartenders, who have tatooes, hole in the ear peircings, and who drive motorcycles. One has a mohawk. They know my card work by now, but when I pulled this out-they laid eggs! This trick is RIDICULOUS, and it still get laughs! It's not just your grandfather's/uncle's corny trick, it's a guarenteed laugh getter! It's memorable to me, as it's one of the few effects that Nick Trost created with picture cards-same with 'Hotdog'.
It's not for every occasion, but trust me when I say that people WILL get a kick out of this risque piece of amusement!

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Author: Nick Trost
Publisher: L&L Publishing
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Retail Price: $9.95
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Three cards are shown, each with a part of a cute, topless pin-up girl—there's her head, her middle, and her bottom! The head and middle are dealt face down on the table, and the bottom is inserted back out partway into your pocket. You now ask someone where the middle is. They say, “On the table . . .” But you remove the card from your pocket and show it is now the middle! The middle is placed between the two cards on the table. The big surprise comes when you now offer to reveal the complete picture. The cards are turned up and—instead of the girl—there’s now a picture of a shabby horse . . . you've just been Horsin' Around! A great bar and party gag. Good for a laugh every time. Really easy to do.

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