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Ultimate Work (2 DVD Set) Review

Official Review

November 19th, 2010 4:17pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
My mother warned me about getting involved with the mafia. My one time good friend, Bruno Tattaglia, is now my arch-nemesis. He ratted me out to the coppers. All because I didn't like his card tricks. Now the Corleone family and the Tattaglia family are after me. I'm sure they'll be here tomorrow to witness my demise.

As we speak, I am awaiting in prison while the stake is being prepared, for upon completion of this review, I shall be burned as a heretic. Let it be known that I did not go down without a fight. If you find these, my final words, please preserve them and make them known to the world, but I feel it imperative to warn you that this must be done at your own risk. For once you seek to publish the truth about Tony Giorgio you will be placing your life at risk. God Speed my dear friend . . . and now . . . my final words:

I watched Bruno's (a.k.a. Tony Giorgio) 2 DVD set, and it was one of the worst DVD watching experiences I've had. I tried soooooooooooooo hard to like them. I know that Mr. Giorgio is a legend, and back in his time, he was a stud, but they waited way too long to decide to film him teaching card moves. First of all, listening to Mr. Giorgio was extremely difficult. He is extremely dry, and constantly repeated the same things over and over and over and over and over . . . that's annoying isn't it. To add insult to injury, in various segments of the teaching, he would retell or restate something he stated earlier, but it would be in a tone and attitude as if this was the first (not the fifth) time he told us this.

Then he added whatever you add when you already have insult and injury . . . he showed 7 variations of each move/technique. Variations are fine, but when the variation consists of placing your pinkie finger a quarter of an inch to the left of the previous variation . . . I've had enough . . . I seriously could not stay awake for much of this DVD. I couldn't even bring myself to watch volume II. The DVD set has much the same intentions of the classic Erdnase book . . . teach you how to be a true cheat (oh the irony of such a phrase as "true cheat"). Of course, you then would take these cheating techniques and apply them to magic. If that's your thing, read Erdnase. If you must get a DVD, don't get this one. There are other resources out there. Non of which I've reviewed, but they have to be better than this set.

My deepest apologies to the Tattaglia familia, and if you have no idea what the heck I'm talking about, you just might find the severed head of your prized horse in your bed.


Don Capo Stone
P.S. Rubble!

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Product info for Ultimate Work (2 DVD Set)

Author: Tony Giorgio
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Manufacturer's Description:

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A visual treatise on handmucking, or the arcane art of the hold-out man, photographed with state of the art High-Definition video cameras.

TONY GIORGIO the man who appears in this set of two DVDs, reveals the authentic sleight of hand employed by .hold-out men.. TONY GIORGIO spent more than 20 years in the demimonde of card and dice hustlers.
During those years, he met and broke bread with literally hundreds of handmuckers, machine men, bust-out men, steers, front-men, spot finders, two-dealers, cellar-dealers, spreaders, cold-deckers, run-up men, check coppers, paper-players, painters, scratch players, slick sleeve and bean shooter players from Portland, Maine south to Miami Beach, Florida, west to California and north to Alaska.

TONY GIORGIO played cards across the United States, on the Canadian prairies, in Cuba before the revolution and in the cantinas of Mexican border towns. He .moved. in private clubs, private games, floating games, athletic clubs, poolrooms, card rooms and casinos. He moved on the unsophisticated and the sophisticated.

GIORGIO played poker with the hoi-polloi, blue collar workers, rodeo riders and cowboys in Texas, New Mexico, Wyoming and Arizona; with miners in Montana, longshoremen with grappling hooks in their belts and New Orleans pimps sporting pearl-handled pistols. He played in limit-games for pocket change and in games played for high stakes. During his travels and play, he learned from the top hold-out men in the world and invented and used many of his own moves which he now reveals.

In these DVDs, which run over two hours, GIORGIO demonstrates and teaches the MACHINE BREAK and his many original variations. He shows never before exposed CARD-STEALS. There are heretofore unrevealed BLACKJACK and HOLE CARD-SWITCHES, MULTIPLE CARD SWITCHES, explanations and demonstrations of CAPPING THE DECK, CAPPING TO THE BOTTOM, CLEANING-UP, SPREADING DOWN, or PLAYING THE BRUSH. In great detail, GIORGIO teaches the ploy of playing with an extra card and MULTIPLE METHODS of cleaning it up (getting rid of the extra card).

There are lengthy discussions and demonstrations of the art of concealment and the attitudes that allay suspicion. You will see and learn the moves that .get the money..

You will view every use of card palming in advantage play and its application to the art of magic.

The moves and methods shown in THE ULTIMATE WORK DVDs are not magicians. versions, or the purportedly authentic moves presented by the countless ersatz .gambling experts. who inhabit the world of magic.

THE ULTIMATE WORK is not sold to teach card cheating. It is intended to show how the art of the card mechanic can be applied to the art of magic.

"These DVDs are filled with great material that has never been tipped before. There are moves for cheating at poker, blackjack, and gin rummy along with insights as to how they're used and it's all authentic. For anyone who wants to see how it's really done by somebody who really did it, this is pure gold."
- Darwin Ortiz

Disc One Running Time Approximately 75min

Disc Two Running Time Approximately 61min

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