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Double Coincidence Review

Official Review

December 11th, 2010 2:36pm
Reviewed by Joe Diamond
I don’t feel extremely comfortable writing this review for one reason. Even though I have read through the effect description and explanation at least three times, I still don’t know what the effect is. I know there is a book sealed in an envelope, and the principles described in the explanation seems to be solid, but that’s about it.

I know this isn’t just me either. This effect was originally given to another reviewer, but when he couldn’t understand just the effect description, he passed it onto me.

Annemann himself felt there were as many book tests as there were four ace tricks. For ninety dollars, the price for this ONE book test, you can get a used copy of all three volumes of The Jinx. The point of the book test is a clear effect. They think of a word, you reveal it. Adding predictions, coincidences, and other crap clutters the effect. This effect is definitely cluttered.

The principles are all pretty standard mentalism techniques. You get one gimmicked book, one ungimmicked book, a dry erase board, a marker, and instructions. All these things can be easily bought and made yourself. This makes the ninety dollar price tag even more ridiculous.

I’ll wrap this up. Read the product description. If you can make sense of it, and feel it’s worth ninety dollars, what right do I have to stop you? In my opinion, you can get a whole mentalism library for ninety dollars and have the choice from dozens of better book tests.

Half Star

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Author: Devin Knight and Al Mann
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Manufacturer's Description:

Mentalist tells the audience that before the show, he gave a lady a dictionary, a red crayon and an envelope. He asked her to secretly circle a word and to seal the dictionary in the envelope. She was instructed to tell nobody the word, nor let anyone tamper with the envelope. He says this envelope is still in the audience.
When it's time to perform this effect, the Mentalist calls two people on stage.

The sealed envelope with dictionary is then retrieved by one of the spectators who holds on to it in full view. The Mentalist picks up a 300 page book and turning his head away, riffles the pages to have one spectator select a page from it. The book is opened at that place and given to spectator. It's obvious to the audience that the Mentalist hasn't had a chance to glimpse the pages of the open book. NO PAGE NUMBER IS CALLED OUT AT ANY TIME.

With his back still turned, the Mentalist asks the spectator to silently read the first few lines on the left page. Immediately, with no fishing, the performer describes what the person just read.

This is pretty amazing, but the Mentalist is ready for more, much more. He asks the person to read the first sentence on the right page. He tells the person to choose any object from the sentence and form a picture of it in his mind. The person has more than one choice of objects he could think of.

The Mentalist proceeds to accurately describe the object the person is thinking of. He even gives a description of it (the same image the person has in their mind) even though no description may exist in the book. Again he does this with NO FISHING. The spectator is asked what he was thinking of and it is seen the performer was 100% correct.

Now, for the big finale. The spectator is asked to call out any word on that line. The sealed envelope is opened and the other spectator (not the performer) removes the dictionary. There is note stuck on the dictionary; that note tells which page number has the circled word on it.

The spectator opens the dictionary to that page (and yes, he can riffle the dictionary to check that this is the only circled page) and shows the audience the circled word. Before the word is read aloud, the Mentalist states wouldn't it be a marvelous coincidence if the only circled word on the dictionary was the word just called out by the first person. The word is read and seen to be the same word just called out! An unbelievable coincidence.


Comes complete with 300 Page Novel, Erasable Board, Marker, Dictionary and secret gimmick.

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