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Lips Review

May 28th, 2010 12:04pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
Used to be that I ONLY looked for unusual magic in my searches, deliberately avoiding effects considered to be commercial...silly younger me. The deeper my involvement with magic became, I naturally started to look at the effects that have endured. Perhaps if I'd had a magic teacher, I'd have saved alot of time-and gotten more exposure to WHY certain effects became so popular. I still appreciate the unique, obscure, 'forgotten' effects, while keeping my other eye on commercial sensations. Lips is an example of something I'd heard about for years, but didn't appreciate it's impact until recently. Sure, I look forward to diving into my new Paul Gordon book, with an Aldo Columbini impromptu card collection nearby...but then there's an effect like Lips...which is easy so far as mechanics, yet so MEMORABLE in terms of effect. It wouldn't be the first time I said to myself, 'why did I not get this sooner?!'. Staying faithful to the Camirand handling, my delivery is relatively neutral. And then...once the revelation takes place, SMILES, LAUGHTER, JOY, from the women who see their card transformed complete with kiss print! I don't own a 'kissing machine' yet, but a kisscard giveaway make so much sense. Further evidence of how strong this trick is: some of the women I see days later, mention the trick, and/or ask that I do it for their girlfriend. Magician's know about this effect, yet I am constantly reminded of how little lay audiences know about this trick, or for that matter MANY tricks that magician's take for granted.
Five dollars for such priceless, truthful reactions...a kiss to Mr. Binarelli!

Product info for Lips

Author: Binarelli, Tony
Publisher: Camirand Academy of Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $5.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

A lady spectator selects a card from a blue-backed deck, which is then returned to and lost in the pack. She blows a kiss at the deck, and upon spreading through the cards, one card is seen to be blushing: it is now red-backed! The card is turned over, showing it to be her selection, with her lip imprint now on the face of the card! Highly original - this is a great opener!

Comes with illustraded booklet written by Gary Ouellet and 3 different Lip cards.

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