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Bunny Bill Review

May 28th, 2010 12:03pm
Reviewed by Thomas Sciacca
True story, from only a few hours ago...
So, I'm sitting in Panera Bread Co., a favorite down-time hangout of mine, sipping fresh coffee. It's lunchtime, and the place is starting to fill up: lines of people twirling past me, as I sit quietly, focused on the 'new' manuscript I recieved from Magic Inc.. I'm specifically focused on following the careful steps, which will turn my dollar bill, into a bunny bill. Mind you, I'm looking at nothing else but the manuscript, and the bill. Within thirty minutes, I was finished, and was quietly smiling at this ingenius, utterly charming piece of oragami. I then set it upright on the table, when suddenly, a woman's voice says to me:
"Sir? That's really very clever what your'e doing-didn't know you had an audience did you?!!'
"No, I guess I didn't! I wish I'd invented this, but, I'm following this manuscript!'
Now, the woman sat with 4 other people just a few feet from me. I held up the bunny bill, squeezed it, and up popped the little head. The response?
'Awwwww!!!!!", along with a table full of smiles. I will note, that the table was occupied by a total of five middle aged women.
Now, I knew this was going to be a cute prop-and, I had not made any attempt to 'show' this to anyone, yet it was noticed, and brought a very positive response-and why wouldn't it?!!
I became aware of this pocket sized gem accidentally, while scanning 'Magic Inc.'s' website.
I had never heard of it, nor seen it, but it sounded so charming, that I had to have it. The manuscript comes with clear diagrams AND photographs. I agree with the previous reviewer here, that it might take too long to produce a bunny bill on the spot. I think that it IS possible, and would truly tickle people
to make one with THEIR bill...but, it would require much repetative practice to remember the steps, and execute them precisely AND fairly quickly.
The manuscript suggests also making a bunny bill with oragami paper, black on one side, white on the other. I could also see this made from paper of a middle value, with the hat bearing a rubber stamped name and phone number of the performer. Even before i recieved the instructions and made one, I KNEW that this was going to be an uttlerly ingenious little piece. If you get one, you'll smile even when there's noone else there!
I can't help but mention a detail that's on the back of the manuscript:
'Copyright 1964'-This ONLY brought me back, to evenings watching the first magicians I ever saw, on the Ed Sullivan show...Don Alan, Fred Kaps, Fantasio...I can't say for sure if this little trick is a product of a different era in magic...but, I tend to seriously doubt that David Blaine will ever be seen doing a 'bite out bunnybill', anymore than Criss Angel is going to midair stab a bunny bill, while zooming by on a custom motorcycle. Needless to say, bunnybill probably won't be popping up on Theory 11's hotlist anytime soon-might be the hyper 'edginess' of the trick...(it's might cut yourself-fake blood is optional).
Ultimately, what moves me about this tiny piece of magic, is it's INNOCENCE.
So, if a piece of paper can transcend it's physicality, and even briefly turn a table of adult women into little girls again...does it get any sweeter than that?!

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Author: Neale, Bob
Publisher: Magic, Inc.
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Retail Price: $5.00
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What a great giveaway piece to leave with your clients. Just borrow a dollar bill and without any cutting or tearing, you fold the bill into a top hat. Hold it up and squeeze the top hat. Up pops the head of a little bunny. The entire origami fold is done with a single dollar bill. Interesting for them to watch you fold and something they will keep forever.

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