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Jumbo Pop-eyed Popper Deck Review

April 16th, 2010 2:54pm
Reviewed by Magiking
As with many products, the value depends on which one you buy! The Bicycle deck is excellent for stage work. Unfortunately, the Bicycle deck is no longer available, to my knowledge. The inferior Royal deck is only about two-thirds of a deck, and the cards are thinner than the Bicycle. I consider the pop-eyed popper deck to be a great forcing deck--especially when working with Jumbo cards for a large audience. You can freely spread the cards, showing front and back, then--with the cards face down--have the spectator point to any card. That card will be your force card.

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Manufacturer's Description:

Jumbo version of the regular poker-size Pop-Eyed Popper deck!

Cards measure approximately 7 inches tall by 4-1/2 inches in width.

Allows you to perform this classic effect for larger audiences with equal effect!

Check the "Pop-Eyed Popper Deck" for a description of the effect.

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