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Alpha to Omega Review

Official Review

February 24th, 2010 8:49am
Reviewed by Tim Wise
When a new DVD hits your hands you may say to yourself, "I can’t wait to see what's inside" or you may ask "Why me?" I think the magic world needs this dynamic balance. I like to be surprised. I was pleasantly surprised by this DVD.

Omega is the creation of Stephen Tucker. This DVD explores and expands on the original Omega effect. You are supplied with everything you need to start practicing right away. You get eight "Omega cards" and thirteen PDF files containing several routines and handling variations. Having the written material in PDF format allows you to print only the files you want.

Omega is commercial and robust. You can use standard playing cards, ESP cards or the DVD DECK (you'll have to buy this to find out more about it). You need to know some basic slight of hand for many of the routines. Luckily, the basics are covered on the –Sleight School” portion on the DVD. Cameron Francis explains 18 useful sleights. You might even use this later as a great reference tool for other routines.

The Extras section of the DVD covers improved handlings, perspectives and variations from working magicians, including touches on Joshua Jay’s "Vegas Trip."

I performed the Omega effect at a local eating establishment last week and had a great response. Omega uses standard cards and fits into your wallet. All cards can be examined at the end of the effect and the selected card can be given away as a souvenir.

This is a professional effect. I believe there's something on this DVD for almost everyone.

Available at your favorite Murphy’s Magic dealer

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Author: Stephen Tucker
Publisher: Big Blind Media
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Retail Price: $30.00
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Stephen Tucker's 'Omega' has long been hailed as one of the greatest packet tricks ever created. Simple to do, fully examinable and devastatingly impressive, it will knock your spectators for six!

So what is Omega?

You have two sets of four of a kind (let's say, two sets of Aces). One set is tabled. One set is placed behind your back. You have ANY Ace named. Seconds later, this ace is face down, in the set behind your back, and... it has a different coloured back to the other three! You now rub their freely named Ace on your sleeve and its face completely vanishes!


BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... Now, you spread the tabled set of face down Aces (that have been in full view throughout) and their named Ace is face up!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... now someone removes the face up Ace and it has a different coloured back to the other three!

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL... the shell-shocked spectator flips over the three remaining face down Aces only to discover that they are all BLANK! THEIR NAMED CARD WAS THE ONLY ONE THEY COULD HAVE CHOSEN!

Now for the amazing bit - they can name ANY Ace! (It can be different every time you perform).

There are no false counts - The handling looks the same every time!

There are no specially printed cards! (No need to 'ever' buy an expensive replacement set!)

100% self-working? Not quite, but Omega is incredibly easy to perform!

Stephen Tucker teaches you all the inside workings of this fabulous routine, PLUS five more variations that take the principle and exploit it in amazing ways!

Plus: An extensive range of PDF material for you to print out. These PDFs include many specially designed cards and images (ESP cards etc.) for some of the routines.

* BONUS * On top of the 'stuffed-to-the-gills greatness' of the Omega material, you'll also get two bonus Tucker routines. And these aren't throw away ideas - oh no - these are bona fide CLASSICS! (Indeed, they have a combined RRP of £37 if bought separately!).

Exhibit 'A' (the case of the unsolved murder) - a Cluedo/CSI/Murder Mystery type of routine once performed on UK TV by Simon Lovell.

Matrix Reloaded - A very, very weird coin matrix that can be performed with or without coins!

* BONUS #2 * And there are THREE effects (*with explanations) from other BBM titles included

* BONUS #3 * Oh, and we have included Cameron Francis' 'Sleight School' too - learn EIGHTEEN essential magic sleights!

DVD Contents:

  • Omega
  • ESP Omega
  • Blind Faith
  • One Eye Open
  • EZ'Wave
  • The Amazing Four Aces Trick
  • Tips & Ideas
  • * DVD Cards
  • * Exhibit 'A'
  • * Matrix Reloaded
"Superb! Omega is the most baffling and incredible packet trick I've seen in years. Magicians will enjoy performing it as much as their audiences will love watching it!"
- Jerry Sadowitz

"Goldstein, Duvivier and Bannon all make use of the 'Parade Of The Kings' gimmick. For my money, Tucker's Omega is the best and uses examinable cards!"
- Dr. Peter Moffat

"Omega is omega!"
- Arthur Emerson

"Omega is arguably the best non-gaffed version of Twisted Sisters you will see. If you don't know this, I think it will fool you".
- Peter Duffie

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