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Reel Magic Episode 12 (Eugene Burger) Review

Official Review

February 22nd, 2010 7:04am
Reviewed by Gordon Meyer
I've sampled bit of various Reel Magic discs, and watched issue #12 in its entirety. In this issue, the feature piece is a 25 minute interview with Eugene Burger. It's a typically thoughtful and entertaining discussion. (And is apparently continued in issue #13.) Also included is the real work, by David Kaye, on the break apart wand. Talk about a study in contrasts! But both segments are interesting and valuable in their way.

It's fantastic that video interviews like this are available, and I think their value will only increase over time. Imagine, for example, if today we could watch magician-to-magician interviews with the luminaries of magic's past. As a legacy, Reel Magic is providing a great service for us all.

Overall the production value is very high, if perhaps a hair under slick and stylish. I did find myself tiring of the repetitive interstitials between pieces, but if that's all I have to criticize, that's not so bad. Reel Magic calls itself "TV for Magicians," and that accurately represents its essence, but I'd add that it's more like "Local TV Morning Show for Magicians" in its style and energy, complete with perhaps too frequent commercial breaks. One very nice touch is that the "Play All" menu item will skip almost all of the explanation sequences, so if you can persuade a non-magician to watch this with you, perhaps by tying them up, they won't have to sit through the esoteric details.

I'm not sure how Kosmo is making any money at the price he's charging, but far be it from me to talk him into asking for more. Next time you're in a magic shop, throw a little support towards both Reel Magic and the shop by tossing a ten spot out for any issue that catches your eye. You'll get your money's worth in entertainment value, and you might very well learn something too.

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Andrew Pinard - Continuum
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Reel Retro - Gary Kurtz "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
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Jeff Prace - "No More Card Tricks"
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Running Time Approximately: 2hr 16mins

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