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September 28th, 2009 6:58am
Reviewed by Christian
“The Game is a 26 page folded, stapled booklet that is full of spelling and grammatical errors. The writing is clumsy and sometimes frustrating. The booklet screams, “Hire a proofreader”.

The method is not new. If you have been involved with mentalism for more than a few years, I would think that you have either heard of this idea or thought of it yourself. It should also be mentioned that it is not very useful for performers that live outside the United States.

There has been some mention that the advertising for this is misleading. I would tell you that it would be determined by the point of view. The person it happened to would say the advertising is accurate. Magicians judging by the criteria of what exactly happened would say it is slightly inaccurate. Either way, I don’t see that as the problem.

So what is the problem? Well there are a few. One, I am surprised that Jay Crowe has not done more research to determine that this method is pretty well known by experienced mentalists. Two, that he reserves the TV rights for himself. (For what I am unsure.)

Finally, what he has given us here is a method. A method known by many people . . . but no presentation for this method. So what do we do with this information? His presentations in the book are impractical and clumsy. It is apparent that this was not thought out very well. I have some professional friends that have taken this idea to much higher level years ago. However, they are smart enough to not publish it.

Finally, I believe this booklet amounts to a moment that someone said, “Hey, this is a neat idea let’s publish this and make some money.” Because essentially what you have here is an idea. It will be up to you to massage it, work with it, and develop it into something useful. If you have never heard of this idea or thought of it, you will probably be impressed. If you have been in mentalism for more than a few years, you will not be surprised.

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Author: Jay Crowe
Publisher: Who's Magic
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $30.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

"This manuscript is dangerous in the wrong hands. I mean deadly dangerous."
- Banachek


Imagine if you could approach someone you have never met before, and instantly perform one of the most perfect mind readings in history.

You ask the spectator to focus let's say... on their age, just imagine it. Instantly you reveal your spectator's age. Next you tell them to concentrate on someone they love, someone they care about. And you start revealing the name.

And the mind reading goes on... ask them to merely THINK of their phone number, you take your cell phone and start dialing digit by digit. Their phone rings. It's you. Welcome to The Game.

Want even more?

You can perform the most pure mind readings and even remote view experiments that allow you to see what your spectators see and much MORE!

* No stooges or instant stooges
* No Impression devices
* No center tears
* No dual reality
* No forces
* Nothing written down
* Nothing added or taken away
* No gimmicks
* No cold reading
* No following the spectators

Spectator is a total stranger and you don't even know anything about him before the mind reading starts.

The Game is a tool best suited for professionals, and will improve your arsenal of mentalism weapons. The concept behind it and the handling are fully explained in detail on this manuscript.

Also includes "Game of Imagination" where things freely IMAGINED by your spectators become real.

This is the closest that you can get to real mind reading.

Are you ready for The Game?

NOTE: This version of The Game is designed for USA users, although some routines of the manuscript such as Game of the Imagination, remote viewing, and some mind reading pieces, can be performed by worldwide users.

Pages 28 - Saddle Stitched

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