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Shot In The Dark Review

July 30th, 2009 9:40am
Reviewed by Brian Reaves
The cards are credit card size and feel like the same. They definitely appear like they'll last a long time. If you want to do the bullet catch ending, the packet is set up nicely to hold it with the cards until you need it.

This is self-working until the end. The performer has a choice as to how it all ends: take the bullet yourself and catch it in your mouth, or let the spectator lose the Russian Roulette. While you don't have to do the bullet catch ending, it's a nice little topper that takes this from "cute" to "cool". I do wish they'd been able to include one more card that had the barrel of the gun smoking so you could switch it out when you did the bullet catch at the end, but then it would have required a slightly bigger sleight and that would have changed the effect.

If you are going to perform the bullet catch, you'll need to be able to perform one basic card sleight: a double lift. If you choose to skip it and let the spectator "die" at the end of the effect, it's completely self-working.

Product info for Shot In The Dark

Author: Kondo, Mutsayama & Acer
Publisher: Camirand Academy of Magic
Average Rating:  (2)
Retail Price: $12.50
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Manufacturer's Description:

A diabolical self-working Russian Roulette trick with cards, an original concept from the mind of Tenyo genius Hiroshi Kondo!

  • Seven cards are shown, six with a picture of a gun, the 7th with a shooting gun.

  • The magician and spectator then engage in a deadly game of Russian Roulette, wherein, despite impossibly fair conditions, the magician keeps on winning!

  • Finally, he holds the shooting gun card up to his face and “fires” it. Upon turning it over, the bullet is seen to have vanished, as the magician smiles and pops a solid brass bullet out from between his teeth!

This great effect is accomplished without sleight of hand. Instructions written by Gary Ouellet.

Cards printed on credit card stock to last a lifetime!

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