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Downfall Review

July 28th, 2009 9:23am
Reviewed by Brian Reaves
I give this effect bonus points in simplicity. You honestly don't have to carry around a gimmick, and the item it uses for the effect is in your house right now. There is truly nothing much for the spectator to catch, and they can pick up any object that falls over with very little chance of discovering the secret.

Unfortunately, even though it's a simple method, Dan doesn't do the most convincing job of showing you how to "load" the "method". He talks you through it, but then when the time comes for actual performance he does it with no patter which makes it simpler to do but it's not how he describes doing it just a few seconds before. And when he tries to set it up for real (as opposed to just in description), it's so terribly obvious he's doing SOMETHING that the effect is lessened. Your spectator won't know what's going on, but they'll know that *something* is happening.

I can't mention the major drawback to this because it would at least hint at part of the secret, but as he moves into actually doing the effect it really showcases the problem with this incredibly simple method. If you're more of the "mysterious, silent type" then you'll be able to make this work better if you can conquer that pesky loading problem. The other problem is the table you use. There is something about it that makes this effect work better than other times for certain objects, so you'll have to test it on that table before you actually do the effect. Practice at home, sure, but you're still going to have to find a way to test this before performing it. To be fair, you can load the method and test it with a dozen people watching you if you don't try to make something fall or move. Just put the load down and time it. Then later you can do it with the item you're wanting to move and you'll know how long you have.

Hauss has definitely lived up to the promises in the effect's description. The obvious methods are not used, and I've never seen this solution used before anywhere. For a great almost-anywhere, almost-anytime miracle you really would be hard pressed to beat this. Unfortunately, you're going to have to really work on the load to make it the least bit natural and not suspicious.

It would come off better as one of those things you don't draw attention to until after you've already begun the effect. For instance, you're with friends at a party and you just stare intently at a card box (or whatever) on the table. Then you say "Watch this," and it falls over while you're sitting way back.

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Author: Dan Hauss
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Dan Hauss came to us with an idea that none of thought was possible. How could something so simple and so easy facilitate some of the best and most convincing psycho kinetic effects that any of us have ever seen?

Downfall introduces a new concept for pk effects that allows you to keep gimmicks and unnecessary items at home. Downfall uses an item that can be found virtually anywhere which makes this effect practically impromptu in any setting.

There is no doubt that with the knowledge given on this DVD a new genre of pk magic will be born.
  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • No weights
  • No blowing
  • No strings
  • Easy Setup
  • You don't even need to be in the same room
Running Time Approximately 17min

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