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Five Card Stud Review

Official Review

March 18th, 2009 12:53pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
James Bond Meets Magic Meets B rated movies… In this cleverly produced, albeit low budget, DVD you will meet Asher, Lee Asher The Five Card Stud, and you will experience a day in the life of this card slinging secret agent.

Filmed in the style of a spy movie, Agent 005 fights off ne’er-do-wells with card tricks. You’ll pick up some extremely visual and quite startling card magic on this production. By virtue of flash-backs to Agent 005’s early childhood we are taught the secrets to the effects by a toga-donning Lee Asher playing the role of the young agent’s mentor.

I found the film itself very funny and clever… a bit cheesy, but that’s part of the charm. The magic is incredible… some of the best stuff I’ve seen in a long time. How ’bout a four ace production that you can do naked (and he does) with no deck in site, just a bare-handed production of four aces.

The only negative feedback I have is regarding the production quality and part of the explanations. The production, as I mentioned, is pretty low budget. A lot of stuff filmed outside, and so the lighting was pretty bad which, unfortunately made some of the explanations hard to see.

Also, on the “Silver Surfer” move, no explanation was given other than, “…just do the Silver Surfer move.” The move itself is a very disarming handling of a double or triple card. I just couldn’t quite figure out the specific handling, yet the video jacket claims that this move will be explained.

Don’t let that last paragraph scare you off. It’s an incredible DVD. We need more like this out there in the market, so thank you Lee.
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Author: Asher, Lee
Publisher: FM Video Productions
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Lee Asher stars as Agent 005, the Five Card Stud, unleashing the most amazing card magic ever. He saves the day, gets the girl and eludes the Evil Crimp. Includes all these great new tricks, all performed and explained. Sibling; Slap Happy; Thunderbird; Joking Around; The Silver Surfer; Ambitious Explosion; The Five Card Stud.

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