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TSCTW (The Smallest Card Through Window) Review

Official Review

January 23rd, 2009 12:45pm
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
TSCTW: The Smallest Card Trough Window.
TMAMD: The Most Annoying Magic DVD.

The effect: a corner of a selected (free choice) playing card visually penetrates the glass on your watch so that it's inside the watch. It is the actual corner and the corner can be signed, etc.

So why is it The World's Most Annoying Magic DVD? First, there's a typo in the title of the DVD. Note, "TROUGH" is a noun, pronounced "Trawf." It is a thing used to feed farm animals. "THROUGH," however, is a verb. It is an action. So I'm not sure what a "Card Trawf Window" is, but this is the world's smallest one.

I, of course, realize that criticizing the spelling on this DVD will open me up to pot-shots about any misspellings in this review or others from me. However, keep in mind that I'm not asking you to pay $25.00 to read this review. It's free. Were I going to press and presenting a professional product, I'd do more than rely on spell checker.

Ok, nit-picking aside, the real reason the DVD was annoying is because the entire thing was filmed at crotch level with poor quality grainy film that looked like a home video. In addition, there was no talking. I thought maybe they were going for an international appeal or something, but I was quickly proven wrong when text showed up on the screen to explain everything in English. The text by the way was created, I believe, by Atari in the early 80's.

It was very pixelated and hard to read. On top of that, the music that was playing was a 30 second clip that kept repeating throughout the entire DVD. Imagine being locked in a room with your hands bound having no way to muffle your ears while being forced to listen to fingernails slowing running across an infinitely long blackboard. That would be more pleasant than this 30 second repeat-o-clip of "music."

Ok, what about the actual effect and method? I've got to admit the demo looked pretty darn good, and assuming that the spectator reactions were not those of actors, then the effect appears to play well also. I do, however, have some doubts based on the handling and the actual method. First of all, in the explanation, the mystery hands struggled several times to get the watch to "cooperate" at certain critical points of the routine. These are parts of the routine that must, in performance, be perfect, or else the effect is D-E-D... Dead! (Only the obscure will appreciate that comment).

Next, the watch requires some preparation before the effect. Preparation which requires you to run off to the john or some other equally low-profile place to do the dirty work. Thus, this effect is likely not best for the strolling magician. Assuming you can get the effect to work smoothly, then you could definitely use this in a set performance.

One other thing, I'm not so sure about... there is an audio component to this effect that comes at the critical moment of the effect, which in my mind would seem to tip the method.

I've seen plenty of demos of effects where I was convinced that the demo was a load of crap only to find out that it was legitimate once I watched the DVD and learned the method. This DVD, however, falls short of such an accomplishment. After watching the method, I was further convinced that this effect is most likely a pipe dream, at least with this method.

I'm happy to be proved wrong, however, there were enough problems with this that I won't be taking the risk in my performances for my paying customers.

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Product info for TSCTW (The Smallest Card Through Window)

Author: MagicShop
Publisher: MagicShop
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Manufacturer's Description:

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Let a spectator choose absolutely free a card (no force) and let him sign the card. Now you rip off a corner of the signed card. You remove your watch and give it to the spectator to examine. Take the watch back and lay the rip off corner on the glass of the watch. Wave your hand over the glass of the watch and let the magic happen. The rip off corner is now inside the watch! It has melted right through the glass! And it is exactly the tear off corner which can be examined. Everything can be examined clearly now. And the watch can be given as a most impressive "timeless" souvenir.

The DVD will teach you how you can create this fantastic effect.

  • Only one watch “ only one card! No exchange! No force!
  • Absolutely inexplicable!
  • A guaranteed jaw dropper!
  • TSCTW is the most impressive giveaway in card magic!
  • Can also be performed with bills, business cards, coins and other small flat objects.
The DVD is without dialogue - just a funky sound. Subtitles can be selected in English and German.

Running Time Approximately 20min

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