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Wrap It Up Review

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June 3rd, 2007 10:24pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Dammit! I first came across this in the 1986 publication of Jay’s “Memorable Images” lecture notes (later in 100% Sankey) and I always wanted to do it. Now that it’s out on DVD (with the props) all of you shmucks will be doing it. Lesson learned.

It’s a great effect. The “main routine” does require that you’re wearing a jacket or open shirt. But that’s a small price to pay for such a lovely bit of impromptu magic.

Of course, you’ve got to analyze your audience before doing it. Playing with your chewing gum isn’t exactly considered appropriate for “polite society”. But if you’re in an informal situation, it’s one of the few impromptu routines that really makes sense in the real world.

There are a lot of additional routines and handlings if you don’t want to go for the full hookup. One of my favorites includes a handling borrowed from another effect in Memorable Images, The Price of Admission.

Bottom line: great impromptu magic.

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Author: Jay Sankey
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At any time during your show, remove a piece of gum from your mouth, place it onto an empty wrapper, gently toss it into the air...and both the wrapper and the gum impossibly WRAP THEMSELVES BACK UP into a perfect square, complete with AN UN-CHEWED BLOCK OF GUM INSIDE!

Super easy! Super visual! An incredible moment of hyper visual magic! Best of all, your hands are completely EMPTY and the wrapped piece of gum can be closely examined and even given away as the PERFECT SOUVENIR! You can even perform this reputation-maker and have a SPECTATOR catch the just wrapped-up gum!

Jay originally called this astounding effect "Sugarless Gum" and first shared it with magicians in his 1985 lecture notes MEMORABLE IMAGES. Since then, the routine has found its way into the repertoires of magicians all over the world.

Whether you perform close-up, walk around or even at children's birthday parties, this quick, easy, super visual stunner (that also instantly resets) is the PERFECT effect for you! Includes all the necessary materials plus an exciting instructional DVD featuring a marvelous collection of brand new alternative handlings and variations Jay is revealing for the very first time including:

It's as easy as snapping your fingers! Magic that needs no words!

This is the original, jaw-dropping "tossed in the air" handling!

A great way to prove that you can perform magic without having to actually hold onto the props!

What's better than the magic happening IN THE SPECTATOR'S OWN HANDS? Nothing, that's what!

Two "off the hook" effects in one. Not only does the gum morph back into its original un-chewed condition, but the wrapper also appears FROM NOWHERE!

An extremely clever and direct handling with a lot of charms of its own!(And again, darn easy!)

Inspired by a switch created by J.C. Wagner, you can perform this handling in your underwear (depending upon the gig!)

Jay once asked himself the question, "How would the great Tony Slydini perform Wrap It Up?" This is the answer!

The paper wrapper and block of gum star in a surreal series of magic moments, each more impossible than the last!

The wrapper is torn and restored in the most visually impossible manner imaginable, complete with a SURPRISE REAPPEARANCE of the block of gum. Start your own religion today!

Perfect for real-world workers, this down-and-dirty approach leaves you surprisingly CLEAN!

While chewing gum, you slowly tear the wrapper into pieces, ball them up and pop them into your mouth. A moment later the neatly wrapped block of gum appears from between your smiling lips. One of Jay's favorite sleight-of-tongue bar effects.

Running Time Approximately 105mins

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