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Magicap Review

Official Review

June 3rd, 2007 10:23pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
You’ve all heard it: “A picture is worth 1000 words.”

That certainly would have been the case with this effect… if there were any pictures. But there weren’t. It took me several times watching the online demo video, re-reading the instructions and playing with the props to even get started with this. A couple of pictures could have taken all of the pain away.

The method and feke are certainly interesting. The feke I received was poorly made, but there were enough raw materials included to make a decent one. Part of methodology requires you to do a paddle move with the pen. That means you’ve got to lose the writing on the pen. Mine was very crudely filed off, making it not quite acceptable to hand out (one of the selling points of the trick).

Despite the lack of pictures, the instructions were fairly thorough. If you buy this, you will certainly want to watch the online videos, though.

The verdict: it’s a quickie. It’s visual. It’s pretty easy to make all of the props and, with some care, make them look like they’re supposed to.

P.S. Note to Jesse and anyone who buys this. Instead of the tape, I would suggest two types of glue to try. I haven’t tried either, but I think they’re worth investigation. Easiest and cheapest would be neoprene cement. Get it from a diving supply shop. Second, there are medical-use glues available that are curable with UV light and stick to basically anything. The glue is expensive and you’ll need a curing machine (yes, I have one), but it might be the perfect solution.

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Author: Jesse Feinberg
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Manufacturer's Description:

Incredible magic with an ordinary cap and pen...

Show a regular bic pen and cap all around. Take the cap off and it disappears! Snap your fingers and its back on the pen! Take the cap off again and put it in your pocket... In a blink, the cap appears back on the pen! Create your own unique routine, the possibilities are endless.

You can even make the cap melt through a glass table or window. How about pushing the cap into your PDA or cell phone screen and seeing it inside! Allof this is explained and extra ideas are included too.

The pen and cap are examinable at any time. No pulls, no setup, easy to learn.

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