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Miracles with a Short Card Review

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March 18th, 2007 5:07pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Many years ago David Parr was writing reviews for Genii magazine. I remember he ended one particularly scathing review with something like, "In an age when everyone can make a video, I'm not convinced everyone should." I couldn't agree more. The quantity of self-made videos seems to have gone up exponentially now that everyone has a digital camera and a DVD burner.

With that said, I'm glad that some individuals are making their own DVDs. Pete Cassford is one of them.

As the title states, this DVD deals with using short cards. If you're a hard-core card magic aficionado, there's nothing that'll knock your socks off. You might find some things that you hadn't thought of, but Pete's not trying to start a revolution.

What he is doing, however, is providing an in-depth look at the use of short cards. I would guess your average magician has only used short cards in a Svengali deck. That's a shame, as it's a perfectly wonderful feke with many applications.

This is a crash course on everything from making the cards to basic usage to versions of several classic card plots. I would say the best audience for this DVD is the average magician who knows some basic card moves and would like to perform some really stunning card magic without years of extra practice with difficult moves.

Pete's instruction is clear and easy to follow. In addition to the short card techniques, he also teaches some basic card moves such as the double-undercut and in-the-hands riffle shuffle.

For those of you who are more advanced, don't ignore this DVD out of price. He has some very interesting techniques for the glimpse that I'll be adding to my standard set of moves (the Speed Glimpse is quite nice, but needs some psychological cover).

My only complaints are pretty standard for homemade projects. He certainly could've selected better audiences and had some better camera work for the live performances. One girl couldn't even handle the cards because she was clutching a beer can as if it were her only child. The title and credit sequences could've been rendered in double-speed.

Although I have to ask myself: what's more painful to watch, some half-drunk sorority girls in short shorts and tank tops or another second of grossly over-reacting standing ovations from the L&L audiences.

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Product info for Miracles with a Short Card

Author: Peter Cassford
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Manufacturer's Description:

On this DVD Peter Cassford will teach you to control, force, and glimpse selected cards with little or no sleight of hand.

You will also learn how to control a card under incredibly fair conditions, card effects that will look like they take incredible amounts of skill, and mind-blowing mental effects that will leave your audience astounded.

"I know from experience that Peter's effects using a short card astound people. I have seen the public's jaws drop, and quite literate performers be spun on their heels, fooled by Peter's use of the short card. Most of what Peter does is very easy and simple to do, but it will fool you badly if you do not know his work."
-Kenton Knepper

Running Time Approximately 76min

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