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Mag Card DVD (with Props) Review

Official Review

March 18th, 2007 5:06pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
Keep away from your computer!

Just kidding. I doubt the magnets are strong enough to do any permanent damage. But why take chances?

This came along right as I was looking for information on making mag and shim cards. In addition to the DVD, you get five very thin (0.5mm) magnets and ten cards. At first, I wondered about the cards. Then I realized this was a good idea on the part of the producers. If you don't have a stack of extras lying around like I do, you won't have to ruin a new deck to create your mag cards (assuming you don't mind them being of the same type and color as those included with your DVD). Regardless, it's nice to have some extras in case you mess up while trying to learn.

The instructions on how to make the cards is exemplary. I learned several new skills that can be used in making other types of gaffed cards.

The effects on the DVD are basically useless unless you have the Wizard PK ring (available from the same publisher, of course). But don't buy it for the effects, buy it for skill and knowledge you'll acquire.

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Manufacturer's Description:

From the creative brainboxes who bought you the Wizard PK ring comes yet another magnetic marvel - the Mag Card DVD...

In this simple to follow DVD, you'll learn how to create, step-by-step, your own magnetic cards.

And then, once you're running your own little Mag-Card production line, we'll also show you some of the amazing things you can do with them - including 3 super effects!

The applications are only restricted by your own imagination!

Including all the materials you need to construct five magnetic cards, plus instructions for three effects:

  • Coin thru deck
  • The poltergeist deck
  • Card star

Everything is explained in simple and easy to understand stages, and we even give advice on how to dream up new and exciting ways to combine the Mag Cards with other PK items, such as the Wizard PK Ring.

Includes 5 magnets and 10 Bicycle cards.

Running Time Approximately 55min

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