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Money Bag Review

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March 18th, 2007 5:06pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
This is a stage routine. I say this not because of the product description, but because I think the audience needs to be quite far away for it to be effective. You'll probably want some loud music, as well.

I think it has potential, but that's about all. The routine, as presented, has no real motivation and very little sense. You drop a quarter through a bottomless bag several times, to no effect. Then you turn the bag inside out to display the picture of a big coin printed on the side of the bag. Now when you drop the coin through, it becomes a jumbo (7 inch) quarter. Now you try the same with a dollar. Turn the bag around so that the picture of bills is showing. When you turn the bag inside out one final time, it turns into a "wad of bills."

The final production looks like crap up close. And the material used to create this effect causes quite a bit of noise when you're turning the bag inside out.

The DVD instruction is adequate. You almost don't need it.

But I don't want to scare everyone away. I think someone with the right mind could take this idea and do something wonderful with it. If something in the description speaks to you, give it a shot. You might just be the person to take this to the next level.

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Author: Anton Corradin
Average Rating:  (1)
Retail Price: $90.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

Absolutely brilliant and utterly practical, this effect adapts to any kind of performance and to audiences of all ages. There are no requirements or restrictions of any sort. A performer can execute it surrounded by an audience. It is in itself, a complete routine.

Don't loose the opportunity to have in your hands this novel effect which, in view of its features, seems destined to become a magic classic of our time.


The magician puts some coins inside a bag (he may ask someone to do so as well), but the coins fall to the floor because the bag has no end. Using his hands and forearms, he shows the inside of the bag is indeed empty. After a shake, a printed picture of a coin appears, then, a giant coin worth fifty cents 7" (17cm) falls from the bag. On the other side of the bag a printed picture of a bill appears, and from inside, a million dollars falls in a cascade!

Comes complete with a 7" (17cm) fifty-cent coin made of aluminum, a million dollar wad of "money," special constructed bag and instructional DVD.

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