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Sleightly Magical Review

Official Review

March 18th, 2007 5:05pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
You'd better have some chops before you crack this one open!

Personally, I don't care for this new, flashy style. But that's totally a personal choice. I can certainly see its appeal in today's world of short attention spans. If you're looking for simple, elegant solutions, stick with Vernon and Tommy Wonder.

Dan & Dave Buck are the poster boys for this type of magic and their new booklet is packed full of yummy things to test your skills.

The production quality is excellent. There were a few typos that should have been corrected before it went to print. With less than 40 pages, there's really no excuse.

I have only one major complaint. There are a lot of photos, but they're rarely referenced from the text. It's sometimes a task to find the picture that matches your place in the description… a problem only made worse by having your hands full of cards.

In addition to being technically capable, you'll need to have some background, as well. Some of the supporting moves are explained. Many are not. Sometimes there are references to other books. Sometimes there aren't.

I do have one question. In a time when everyone seems to be making DVDs, why didn't Dan & Dave put this material on DVD? Sure, you can watch a lot of it on their website, but this is exactly the type of material that would be perfect for DVD. Trying to learn some of these routines reminded me of wading through Erdnase as a teenager… painful memories.

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Author: Dan and Dave Buck
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Manufacturer's Description:

Sleightly Magical is Dan and Dave's sixth manual of card magic and they would tell you it's their best yet. The effects are extremely visual and highly effective, the only problem is you'll have to practice, a lot. Dan and Dave are known for their hardcore, flashy style, and this manual represents none the less. You will enjoy six brand new tricks featuring six original sleights that will entertain you with months of practice. And if that's not enough, they continue their ongoing repertoire of flourishes with a new concept that is a must learn for any card manipulator. Although the majority of the material is demanding, there is something for everyone. Read through the content descriptions below and just think, the secrets are only a mouse click away.

TiVo 2:
The most visual two-card transposition ever published, and we're not the only ones saying that. Imagine openly placing a selected card out-jogged in the center of the deck, turning the top card face up and without ever covering either card, they instantly transpose. In addition, you'll learn an awesome new double lift from the center. This trick rocks on all levels!

Hedbergs Peak:
If you ever need a quick trick to shut that noisy guy up, this is it. It leaves them completely stumped after thinking they had you all along. It's another quick transposition effect (might as well get them out of the way) but is open for tons of possibilities.

Carnahan Fan:
An instant classic and a must learn for all card manipulators. This is a lighting fast, almost instant, production of a huge fan of cards and then as quick as it appeared, it is gone and the deck is ready to do your bidding. Not too difficult either.

Ginastaire Double:
A beautiful flourishy double lift that spins from the top of the deck. Acts as a great opening for an ambitious card routine or just to produce a double from the top. Even a seasoned professional won't believe this could be a double.

D.D.C: (discrepancy dribble control)
Similar to Lee Asher's Losing Control but without having to spread the cards. Very open with practically no movement. Great for both large and small groups alike.

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