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Far Sight Review

Official Review

March 18th, 2007 5:04pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
This is one of those card tricks that a capable performer could turn into a major production. The elements are already there, it just needs someone with the skills to turn it into a masterpiece.

Even if you don't do the effect, just reading the instructions could be a valuable experience for many magicians. The author explains every part of the long journey to make this effect a reality. The process is something you normally only experience first-hand.

If you do add this to your show, you probably won't want to include any other card material. I can't explain why without giving away too much. But, again, the whole point is to make this a feature, not just another in a series of card tricks. It's not really about the cards, anyway.

I have only one (mildly) negative comment. Some sort of "cover" is required for the routine. The effect comes with a standard bandana. Maybe this would be a good choice for Texas ranchers, but I'd go for something a bit classier. A linen dinner napkin comes to mind.

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Product info for Far Sight

Author: Devin Knight
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Retail Price: $20.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

One of Devin Knight's most guarded secrets from his professional act is now being made available.

A truly long distance, hands-off mental card effect that seems totally impossible. An effect that not only baffles lay people but many magicians as well.

Performer invites anyone to help. He says he will try to subliminally force that person to choose a certain card. Magician proceeds to deal 10 or 12 cards face up on the table. He points out that most of these cards could be psychological choices. For example, one card may be the only club on the table. Another card may be the only odd value, another may be the only red court card, etc. You tell the spectator you will try to make him take a certain card while you are 15 to 20 feet away, with your back turned!

You walk to the other side of the room or stage and turn your back to the spectator. You instruct them to look over the cards and remove one. There is no funny counting, the cards are face up on the table and he just removes any one he likes. The spectator then covers the remaining cards so they can't be seen. This is all done while your back is turned. The person then covers his FREELY chosen card with his hand concealing it from view.

While still across the room, the magician picks up a magic marker and writes something on a piece of cardboard and sets it aside. You then proceed to tell the person what card you tried to influence them to take and WHY they decided on it. Only then does the spectator show the card they chose. It is the same one you wanted them to pick! Finally for a kicker finish, the cardboard is turned around and the card the person chose is written on it in large letters!


  • No Stooges
  • No Sleights
  • No Mirrors
  • No Duplicate Cards
  • No Electronics
  • No Secret Writing
  • No Fishing or questions of any kind
  • You never touch the cards (even secretly) after you deal them on the table.
  • The whole effect is done 15 or 20 feet away from the spectator.
  • A true HANDS OFF one man effect that requires no secret assistants.

Packs small but plays big on stage.
Suitable for either close-up or stage.

Comes complete with cards and Devin Knight's professional presentation.

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