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Gobsmacked Review

Official Review

March 8th, 2007 7:48pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I know that I tend to ramble on about crediting. So I’ll spare you this time and, instead, just list a few places you can find previous versions of this trick. At least the author credited one of them.

"Oddity" by Edward Marlo, see Early Marlo
"Self Evident" by David Regal, see Star Quality and the L&L DVD Tricks!
"S.L.O.B." by Simon Lovell

This is a really nice effect. This version doesn't seem to have anything to add beyond what's been done before. The DVD instructions are clear enough, though the printed instructions are almost unreadable due to a poor choice of colors.

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Author: Costas Damianou and Simon Lovell
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The magician presents a blue deck of cards. The backs and fronts of the cards reveal it is a 52 card regular deck. The deck is placed face up on the table. This is the last time the magician will touch the deck. The spectator is asked to cut the deck around the mid point, and place the cut-off pile alongside the other pile. They then select one of the two piles, and the other pile is placed to one side. The magician asks the spectator to deal the cards face-up from the face-up pile, and stop at ANY card they wish. Which they do. A genuinely free choice. The selection is placed away from the rest of the deck, and the magician now takes the remaining cards and specifies that truly, the spectator had a free choice, and the card they chose isn't a duplicate of any of the other blue backed cards. However, upon turning over the selection the spectator is GOBSMACKED to see that not only is the card a red backed one, it also has their name written across it's back (or any message you want). They suddenly feel that perhaps their free will isn't as free as they'd thought!

You will receive all necessary cards to get you started and enter the Gobsdmacked World, a full-color instructional leaflet containing everything you need to perform Gobsmacked and a Multi-Regional DVD explaining the full working of Gobsmacked with many more suggestions on using Gobsmacked in Various scenarios from Birthday parties to coorporate functions.

Be sure to check out the accompanying DVD for more ideas, handlings and much more!

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