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Suits You Review

Official Review

March 8th, 2007 7:33pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I have two words for you: Magical Masturbation (can I say that here?).

Actually, I’d add a third word: Confusing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve studied plenty of Marlo’s work and I even use some of it. Marlo, you ask? Isn’t this trick from Steve Bates? That depends on your definition of author. The main move, which is used in all three phases, is essentially Marlo’s Quick Three Way. Bates has added short cards to make the handling a bit easier. Unfortunately, he never credits Marlo. There’s also a Flushtration count without any mention of Bro. John Hamman.

Crediting issues aside, let’s talk about the effect…

Wait, I think I said everything I needed to say in those three words above. It’s like taking two moves that are useful when done sparingly and building an entire routine out of them. Instead of the effect building towards a finale, the method becomes increasingly obvious and the plot increasingly boring.

One more thing. With the possible exception of strip clubs, I don’t think people like staring at a performer’s crotch for long periods of time. Someone should explain this to the director of this DVD.

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Author: Steve Bates
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Manufacturer's Description:

Even playing cards have soul mates.


The performer deals nine cards face down into three piles (three cards in each pile). The spectator is shown that each pile consists of three identical value cards of the same suit. The top card on each pile is turned over and placed in front of the pile they came from, one at a time, and at fingertips. The three face-up cards are then shuffled around so that each card is in front of a different pile - these are the 'leaders'. Each pile is now turned over to show that all the cards have magically come back together and followed the leaders!

Exclusive from the creative team at World Magic Shop comes a stunningly simple and mesmerising effect where 3 sets of 3 cards magically move around to find their 'mate'.

Supplied with a fully explained routine and an instructional DVD to help you get to grips with this fantastic packet trick straight away!

Simple to learn, simple to perform, everything you need is supplied. And what's more, the trick resets easily making it ideal for table hopping.

Includes specially prepared Bicycle cards and full instructions.

No fancy sleight of hand required.
Learn fast from the included DVD.

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