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Gambler's Playing Cards Review

Official Review

March 8th, 2007 7:33pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
When this deck showed up in a box of review items, I thought it might be part of another effect. It’s not. It’s just a deck of cards.

So what’s the big deal? Basically you’re getting Bee-quality cards that have a border. Many serious card workers prefer Bee brand for the thicker card (and a better finish than many others). But the one issue with Bee (for some) is the lack of a white border. With Richard’s cards, you’ve now got the border.

There are other manufacturing niceties that I won’t go into. If you care about these things, you’ll know what they mean.

I think there’s one inherent flaw in these cards, at least as a product for sale. They have Richard Turner’s face printed on the back. It’s almost a paradox. The product is for serious card workers, but most serious card workers wouldn’t use these in performance because they’re effectively promoting someone else.

They certainly are wonderful to practice with, though.

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Product info for Gambler's Playing Cards

Author: Richard Turner
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Manufacturer's Description:

Richard Turner not only knows how to handle a deck, he also knows what makes an effective deck of cards. Richard has combined his unprecedented card handling skills with knowledge gained as a touch analyst for the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) to design and produce an unparalleled deck of cards. "I know what manipulators are looking for in a deck" says Richard, "it's the same qualities that I look for. It's those same qualities that I used to design Gambler's Playing Cards."

Richard spared no details in preparing for the Gambler's Playing Cards. He chose the top of the line paper produced by the USPCC, the Bee stock; used a thickness of paper that is designed to have lasting power, yet remain flexible; utilized a white border to make them magician friendly; checked by recognized authorities for one-way issues; and most importantly, followed the casino dictate of having the cards done in a traditional cut.

Traditionally cut cards are done in such a manner that the cutting blade goes through the face of paper stock and comes out the back. This method of cutting puts the sharp edge on the back of the card and the rounded edge on the face. Traditional card cutting was the norm in the past, but the process was changed about fifteen years ago. "As the casinos persist, I chose the traditional cut to ensure that card men and magicians could easily interlace the cards which produce crisp, clean shuffles, especially with some of the more intricate shuffling techniques. No professional likes to practice or perform with a deck that binds up," according to Richard. "If you want to know if your cards are traditionally cut, use this simple test: shuffle the cards face down, and then turn them face up and shuffle them again. If they shuffle better when the cards are face up, you most likely don't have a traditionally cut deck of cards."

One shuffle with the Gambler's Playing Cards and you will know instantly that they were made with the true card aficionado in mind.

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