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Prime Cut Review

Official Review

September 24th, 2006 8:36pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I was very tempted to give this a 1/2 star rating, just to keep it out of your grubby monkey hands!

Paul Vigil is a friend of mine. I need to say this now, before you read the review. Paul is one of the most innovative magicians I've met in the past decade. He's one of those underground gems that's finally coming out of his hole.

However, with all of that said, my review is not based on my personal relationship with Paul. I have no agenda here, other than to provide an impartial review.

The DVD includes two effects: Prime Cut and Phone.

Prime Cut

Let me start by saying that performing Prime Cut is going to take some balls… at least initially. Actually, I think this could be a real breakthrough for a lot of magicians if they choose to work on it. It'll be a bit scary at first, but the work is totally manageable by almost any magician. In fact, it's really rather easy. It just sounds difficult if you've never done this sort of thing before.

Prime Cut uses a lot of what I would consider "professional" techniques. They're the kind of thing that are usually passed from pro to pro rarely published. There's no finger-flinging here. Just solid methods that look extremely clean.

The effect is exactly as it reads in the description. Your assistant names any card and then they cut to it. That's it. They name any card in the deck. No peeks. No forces. Nada. You tell them they're going to cut the cards and provide a visual of how that looks. Then they cut to the card they just named!

Even if you never perform this effect, the DVD is worth the price just for the techniques you'll learn. They become building blocks that will help you improve existing material and create new wonders. Amongst the things taught are:
  • Simplified Stack – a very easy-to-learn stack that's perfect for certain types of effects
  • Breather crimps
  • Edge marking
  • Estimation
  • Tips for choosing the right assistant

This is an effect by Eddie Fields, described with permission from Richard Kaufman. Quite simply, it's the best phone trick I've ever learned. As Paul mentions, most phone tricks require a lot of (sometimes complex) procedure on the part of your assistant. Or, if they're simple in procedure, they're generally either easy to reverse engineer or require you to be constantly digging for information.

Here's the effect, in full detail:
They shuffle their own deck of cards. They cut them into three piles and select one pile. That pile is shuffled. They look at the bottom card and then sandwich the selected pile, face up, between the two other face-down piles. They shuffle the cards. Now they begin dealing the cards and naming all of the face-up cards (the ones from the selected pile). By the time they're done, you know the name of their selected card. That's it!


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Author: Paul Vigil
Publisher: Bob Kohler
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Retail Price: $25.00
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Manufacturer's Description:

This DVD is the first of our "Street Magic Series". It contains two blockbusters that are truly amazing, yet easy to do.

Prime Cut

Here's the effect. Ask anybody to just name any one of the 52 cards. Their choice is totally free they can name any card. Imagine, the victim cutting the deck EXACTLY at the card they just named! It's AWESOME.

The effect is a classic. It was perhaps the best effect in Juan Tamariz' book Mnemonica. Many performers attempted to learn this method but found it takes months of work to master. Even when mastered, during many performances you were forced to use "outs" to bring the effect to a successful conclusion. Those who took the time to master the effect however found that the reaction from their audiences made the effort worth it.

Prime Cut uses an amazing method that is so easy that anybody can do it with 100% accuracy in just a couple of hours. It works every time and your audience's reactions are always through the roof. Why -- because there are no "outs" as in all of the previous methods for this killer effect. Once you're forced to use an "out" the effect and therefore the audience reaction is lessened.

Prime Cut will put the power of the best card trick "on the street" in your hands the day you get this amazing DVD.

Skill Level: EASY


Simply the best trick over the phone -- EVER! Here's why. The effect is direct.

  • You just call the victim.
  • It's the victim's own deck.
  • They shuffle and cut.
  • Then they think of one of the cards.
  • You tell them what card they're thinking of.
The effect is a real skull cracker that goes right to the center of their brain!

Phone is a diabolical solution created by Eddie Fields. It's hard to believe an effect this deadly could be absolutely dead easy to do. But it is, in fact it's self-working!

Skill Level: Very Easy

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