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Zodiac Code

by Wild-Colombini

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

A big hit in Rachel's lectures! A card is selected and replaced. You show several colored paper bags stating that they cover plastic glasses. Then you show a board which carries the names of the months of the year. A spectator is requested to point to the month of his birth, say April. The board is reversed showing many colored squares and the correct square is arrived at using the number of the selected month; for example green. The green bag is removed and a duplicate of the correct card is shown in the glass. The other bags are removed and each one is full of money (or other stuff). It comes with full colored board (big enough to be used on stage). Use any deck, any bags and, above all, YOUR money! Many other routines are possible with this item.
Date Added: Nov 10th, 2007


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