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Incredible Dancing Paper Napkin

by Scott Francis and David Allen

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

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This trick is absolutley diabolical. Have you ever wanted to make a paper napkin dance...without putting a little boogie in it? Well here is your chance to perform it on the spot anywhere, anytime.

Either impress your friends at a fast food restaurant with the dancing paper napkin or perform it on stage in front of a large choose.

With a little showmanship, finesse and a small investment of about 2 1/2 cents per performance you can be a pro with the Dancing Paper Napkin.

This is so cool, not to mention fun to play with. When you invest in this DVD and find out the method you will kick yourself and say "I wish I would have thought of that." We are glad we did.

Have fun and remember the more you practice the better you will be...period.

Easy To Do!
  • No...Strings
  • No...Mirrors
  • No...Wires
  • No...Kidding!

Running Time Approximately 28min

Date Added: Sep 27th, 2007
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June 18th, 2008 10:43am
Reviewed by Brandon Smith
The description of this effect is right on with the effect. The gimmick is easy to make and definitely cheap so you won't feel bad having to throw one away each time. It plays well for large or small audiences as seen in the video demo. It will take some practice to make it look as smooth as the demo but you will be able to do the basic moves minutes after watching video, and that includes the time it takes to make the gimmick.

The video quality is good and the effect is explained well. The editing pertaining to extra hints and tips in the video does jump around out of sequence of what is discussed at times but nothing that hurts your learning of the effect. Scott and David are a little corny or silly at times in their characters but it definitely breaks you out of the rut of many other boring magic videos and doesn't effect the instruction.

Official Review

June 27th, 2014 8:53am
Reviewed by Jeff Stone
For $25 you get an entertaining, funny, a low to mid level production quality DVD that teaches you how to do a pretty cool trick with a very easily made gimmick and a lot of references to boogers. What's not to like!? Well . . . well the price. $25 is a bit steep for a one hit wonder with no gimmick included.

The ad copy says "anytime, anywhere." That's true, if you have the gimmick with you.

Everything else in the ad copy is totally accurate including the no strings, no wires, no mirrors claim. It's true. The effect itself is pretty deceptive. Although, when I saw it in the video trailer, I just assumed he was using his thumb to pull the napkin down and push it up. In hindsight, that was a foolish conclusion on my part. That's not quite the method and that method wouldn't even work. However, how many lay people will make that same assumption and therefore think that it's not that good of an effect? Maybe none, but maybe more than we think.

However (again), there is a bonus... [Read More]

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