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You Ring?

by Ed Ellis

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Category: Close Up
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For over 25 years, Ed Ellis has performed close-up magic, sleight of hand illusions, and full time table side magic for Hollywood, TV, and sports celebrities. He is also an accomplished award winning drummer, and has played on stage with The Buddy Rich Band.

Ed has also performed his amazing close-up illusions at Las Vegas's Caesar's Palace, lectured at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and in 2005 was the star of the Ed Ellis TV Show.

1.You Ring? - A ring is borrowed, a rubber band is held at the fingertips of the right hand and placed through the center of the ring.A second rubber band is placed behind the other rubber band using your left hand. The spectator holds the ring as the bands instantaneously penetrate through the ring and each other and the spectator is left holding the ring with the rubber bands still at the fingertips of your hands.

2.Rubber band through Thumb (Ellis Version) - Usually done in a quick motion but this version is more visual and powerful by doing the penetration in slow motion and the spectator holding the rubber band. A fun little miracle.

3.Rubber band through Ring (Ellis Version) - Visual and powerful by doing the penetration with the spectator holding the ring. A fun little miracle.

4.Say Vanish! - Four cards are selected (signed is an option) then mixed into the deck. From a previous effect 4 aces are already on the table which you pick up and placed into an empty card box for a spectator to hold. A rubber band is wrapped twice around the deck and when the spectator says "vanish" the rubber band disappears and the deck and hands are shown front and back. The rubber band is gone! In an instant the rubber band reappears capturing 4 cards. Instead of the selected cards being captured the 4 aces have been captured and the box in the spectators hand contains the spectator selected cards!

Special Thanks to Chris Kenner and his book, "Totally Out Of Control".

Running Time Approximately 52min
Date Added: Jul 23rd, 2007


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Official Review

February 1st, 2008 7:22pm
Reviewed by Christian
The first thing that struck me about this DVD was the high quality of production. Multiple cameral angles, nice backdrops, and enough special effects to enjoy but not distract made this DVD enjoyable to watch.

The DVD is built around an effect with two rubber bands, a ring, and your fingers. Ed Calls this effect “You Ring”, hence the title of the DVD. It is basically the crazy man’s handcuffs with two rubber bands and the added challenge of a borrowed finger ring threaded on it as well. A nice touch to this effect is that the spectator can hold on to their ring as the magic happens and everything becomes free. It is a very nice walk around effect with no reset problems. It is demonstrated and explained very well.

I personally enjoyed the “Rubber band through Thumb” more than the main effect. It was a slow motion penetration that had a very surreal look to it. There is also a card effect and a fairly long video showing him working at a restaurant. For the money... [Read More]

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