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Stand-Up Magic - Volume 3 (World's Greatest Magic)

by Various

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Categories: General, Stage
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: L&L Publishing

Product Description

Stand-Up Magic

In the vast literature of magic, a surprisingly small portion of it deals specifically with stand-up magic; that is, magic that is performed on a stage or platform and suitable for entertaining and engaging audiences large and small. Thus, finding quality material has always been a challenge for performers who endeavor to present magic in front of a group of spectators. For the first time, the very best stand-up effects, performed and explained by artists who have fine-tuned these pieces to reputation-makers, have been collected in one place. These are tricks that are suitable for platform, stage and parlor presentations. So, whether you perform in living rooms, banquet rooms or on the world's largest stages, you'll find an amazing assortment of performance-ready masterpieces here just waiting to be the centerpiece of your own show. These performers are among the best of the best and on this unprecedented collection, they're providing you with their signature routines. Everything you need to be a successful performer is right here; you just need to add some practice and a stage.

Volume Three
On this volume, Tommy Wonder demonstrates why it's sometimes very fortunate to be a magician while Karrell Fox shows you two methods for book tests that will thrill the hearts of magicians and mentalists everywhere. Speaking of mentalism, Banachek offers his wonderful take on the classic Add A Number routine while Dan Harlan takes some jumbo playing cards and explains why he had to do a lot of chores while growing up. Ted Lesley performs and explains an easy handling of the classic Six Card Repeat while Al Schneider demonstrates a logical version of the Multiplying Balls. Finally, J. J. Sanvert adds a truly incredible ending to the already-strong effect of linking three borrowed finger rings as the rings vanish and are found in impossible locations.

Ring, Watch & Wallet
- Tommy Wonder Two Fisted Book Test
- Karrell Fox Mene-Tekel Book Test
- Karrell Fox Add A Number
- Banachek Hold It, Buster
- Dan Harlan Silk Through Silk Effect
- Jeff Sheridan Six Card Repeat
- Ted Lesley Golf Balls
- Al Schneider Linking Finger Rings
- J. J. Sanvert

Running Time Approximately 1hr 50min
Date Added: May 14th, 2007
MLA SKU: 0qrZMxQECfHjgnt


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Official Review

July 22nd, 2008 9:30am
Reviewed by Christian
Stand Up Magic Volume 3 is another excellent value for the money. There are plenty of outstanding routines and they are all well explained. Each person will have their favorites and there might be some that you do not like. But there are plenty to pick from.

My personal favorites are Dan Harlan’s Hold it Buster. This is as commercial as it gets. The script, trick, and methodology is all laid out for you.

Tommy Wonder’s Ring, Watch & Wallet is beautiful. You might not put as much work into it as he does but you will learn a lot buy just listening to his thoughts on the trick.

Karrell Fox supplies two different book tests that are inexpensive and easy.

If you are looking for stand up magic, this is something seriously worth your consideration.

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