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Treasures Vol 2

by Alexander De Cova

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Categories: General, Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Multiple award-winner, Alexander De Cova has been one of Germany's top professional magicians for over 12 years. His creative and innovative thinking shines through in this, his first English language DVD series.

Here you will find visual, baffling and commercial magic that will delight you and your audience. Most of the material is relatively easy to learn and perfectly suited for the stand-up performer. You will also find many new tips and insights for enhancing your own present material.

All in all, enjoy the magic of one of Germany's most creative magicians!

  • Flash Restoration
  • Cups & Balls Moves
  • Blank Cheque Transpo
  • Pro Card To Wallet
  • Ball To Silk
  • A New Rope Move
  • Chopstick Vanish
  • Master Silks Routine
Running Time Approximately 1hr 10min
Date Added: Oct 3rd, 2006
MLA SKU: uuvMTnX3k4ohi7


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Official Review

July 2nd, 2007 12:11pm
Reviewed by Bryce Kuhlman
I wish there had been an audience for the taping. The magic was quite good and I think an audience would have spiced up the performance segments.

DeCova presents solid, standard magic, usually with some small, but important improvements. He's very good about providing the history for those of us who like to do the research.

Here's a quick run-down of my favorite parts:

Vol 2.
Flash Restoration “ a very visual restoration.

Cups & Balls “ I think DeCova is the only person besides Vernon that makes the Vernon wand spin look like it’s supposed to. His choice to use no-bounce balls is brilliant!

Blank Cheque Transpo “ A real fooler! Practical. He's even included David Coste's work on the thumb tip vanish in a silk.

Card in Wallet “ You'll find some great touches on the standard routine! The handling is very clean and there's a logical reason for letter/wallet. His work on shim card makes the handling much easier.

Ball to Silk “ An excellent move for... [Read More]

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