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Cerebro Solo

by James Cheung

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

Mentalism is about to enter a new age -- the age of Cerebro! The impossible suddenly becomes possible, beliefs will be redefined, and you will leave stunned and fried audiences of laymen and magicians in your wake. Cerebro is truly the next level in mentalism.

Cerebro is a devious and novel spectator cueing system that allows the realization of hitherto pipe dream routines. The spectator-as-mindreader plot takes on a new meaning and is made more direct and cleaner than ever thought possible.

Cerebro is an integrated electronic cueing system for the professional mentalist, the direct culmination of many years of research and testing. With it you can implant thoughts directly into the mind of a spectator. They will literally hear your voice inside their head! It is like having the gift of touch telepathy.

The original Cerebro sent shockwaves throughout the world of mentalism and for good reason. It heralded the advent of one of the first genuinely new principles to be used for cueing. Until now, the technology has been jealously guarded by a lucky few, but due to popular demand, James Cheung has created Cerebro Solo designed specifically for solo performers to covertly cue spectators.

Here are some of the routines possible with Cerebro:
  • PK Sounds - Two volunteers are seated at opposite sides of a room. Both are blindfolded and one is asked to place their fingers into their ears so they cannot hear anything. A word is whispered to the other volunteer but both hear the word! A baffling and genuinely new interpretation of PK Touches.
  • Thought Jump - A performer fans a deck of cards to show they are all different. The cards are then fairly riffle shuffled and a member of the audience selects a card and remembers it without showing the audience. Another audience member comes on stage and is asked to read the mind of the other spectator. The performer then places a hand on the spectators, acting as a conduit for their thoughts. The second spectator correctly names the card the first spectator chose and is revealed to be 100% correct. This can be done with any information you like, not just cards however pre-show work may be needed. This is the ultimate in direct and impromptu spectator-as-mindreader effects.
  • Hypnotic Realities - Any spectator brought on stage can appear to be hypnotized by you. No exceptions and will work every time. Hypnotic Realities is a direct and pure application of the dual reality principle that will leave audiences with the impression that you are a master hypnotist.
  • Cerebro can also be used to make any object you hold emit sound. The transducer effectively turns solid or hollow objects into a "speaker." It's very eerie and James Cheung has even used Cerebro to make an empty glass "sing" a prediction!
  • What are the differences between Cerebro and Cerebro Solo?

    Cerebro Solo is designed for spectator cueing only. It is used by a solo performer and lacks the ultimate versatility of Cerebro, which is a two-person system, and can be used in a self-cueing or spectator cueing configuration. Other than that, the two systems work in exactly the same way.

  • What can Cerebro do that is different to existing methods?

    Cerebro relies on a completely new principle, not utilized in mentalism before, that allows for the covert transmission of exceptional amounts of information. It will not do your laundry; make you coffee or shine your shoes but it will allow you to perform spectator as mindreader effects cleaner and more impossible than ever before. The huge benefit to Cerebro is that information need not be in code thus opening up the ability to cue information to a spectator in the most innocent, subtle and downright impossible manner creating a physical ‘event' inside the spectator's head just through touch.

  • Does the spectator know they are being cued?

    Yes. They will know something is going on but they will never see the Cerebro unit yet they will certainly feel a physical sensation. Some spectators may interpret it as being paranormal but most will know that something covert is happening, as is the characteristic of all instant stooging methods.

  • Does Cerebro use an earpiece?

    No. Cerebro does not use any covert earpieces and can even be used on a spectator who has their ears blocked.

  • In what situations can the Cerebro be used?

    Cerebro is primarily designed to work in a stage setting. Although it can be used in parlor or cabaret settings, certain environmental conditions need to be met. It cannot be used in a bar, club, or anywhere where ambient noise is high.

  • Is there any set-up involved?

    No, the Cerebro system is small, self-contained, concealable and only need to be set up on one's person. Once set-up, the device gimmick is instantly accessible and is self-ditching.

  • Can I wear a T-Shirt with it?

    No, you cannot. You have to wear sleeves, preferably a jacket.

  • Do I need to purchase anything else to use it?

    Everything you need to get started has been included in the system. Apart from batteries, you are good to go straight from the box.

  • Will you offer a warranty?

    The system comes with a one-year warranty against defects in workmanship. If any of the components breakdown in normal use, we will repair or replace the faulty part at our discretion.

"This could be the greatest leap in mentalism. In the hands of a skilled performer this could be one of the most deceptive devices ever created. Cerebro can make you a legend, or even better a superman..."
- Doctor Zodiac
"The Cerebro Solo opens doors that before had been firmly closed to the solo performer. Many exciting effects are possible with ease that were never before imagined."
- Luke Jermay
Date Added: Feb 3rd, 2006


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