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Romaine: The Monarch of Manipulators

by Romaine

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Categories: Stage, Manipulation
Media Type: DVD
Publisher: Romaine

Product Description

Romaine is a REAL magician who has achieved a level of magic few ever attain.

This two DVD set gives you complete step by step explanations of the best manipulations magic has ever seen. First, watch Romaine’s entire stage show. After the show, Romaine will take you into the world of expert card and billiard ball manipulation!

Romaine is one of the greatest sleight-of-hand experts in the world. This two DVD set gives you complete step by step explanations on many of the best manipulations, all perfectly routined and executed flawlessly.

DVD 1 is filled with Romaine's teachings on card manipulation. Every hint and tip that it takes to truly master the art form.

DVD 2 begins where DVD 1 left off, with an in-depth teaching of billiard ball manipulation.
Date Added: Nov 6th, 2004


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Official Review

November 6th, 2004 5:46pm
Reviewed by David Acer
"A close friend and confidant of some of magic’s greatest luminaries, Romaine was part of a core group of magicians who excelled internationally in the fifties, sixties and seventies, plying their trade on various fronts, from nightclubs to theaters, from military tours to art centers, in addition to multiple appearances on local and national television."

I wrote these introductory remarks for an article on Romaine that will appear in a forthcoming issue of Genii, and the great luminaries I was referring to include Frank Garcia, Jimmy Ray and Slydini.

Unlike his more celebrated peers, however, Romaine never published extensively, though a handful of his sleights and routines have appeared in various books and periodicals. Thus, for the most part, he enjoys a largely underground reputation, bolstered by the admiration of some of the greatest manipulators of our time. Indeed, at the Canadian Association of Magicians convention last year, Romaine introduced Jeff McBride at... [Read More]

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