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Your Card Trick

by Peter EggInk

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Sorcery Manufacturing

Product Description

Killer card magic from the creative mind of Peter Eggink!

The magician shows a deck of cards, all different. The spectator freely selects a card from the Deck, memorizes it and returns the card back into the pack.

The magician concentrates on the spectators card, and removes ONE card from the deck, and places It face-down on the table. It really would be a masterpiece if THAT card would be the freely selected card from the spectator...Next, the tabled card is turned face-up only to find out that the card is NOT matching the spectators selection.

The magician continues by placing the card face-up in-between the face-down deck, with NO moves at all the magician ribbon spreads the deck on the table, and the (only) face-up card in the spread has now CHANGED INTO THE SPECTATORS SELECTION!!

But there’s more!: The magician says: “In fact there is just one card in this deck that is your card..” The selection is taken out from the spread and turned face-down slowly…to reveal that now on the BACK of their selection is largely written with a black marker: “YOUR CARD”!!!!
An Unreal effect with a “kicker” ending!!!

• The spectator selects a card FREELY and CLEANLY!

• The spectator NEVER names their card!

• Self- Working!

• Easy to do!

• Resets in seconds!

“Your Card” trick By Peter Eggink"

P.s. “Your Card” trick is a SIMPLE, STRONG and STUNNING effect which you’re going to love!
It’s a joy to perform, and it will leave your audience flabbergasted. I truly believe that you will create some long lasting memories with this routine. Enjoy!
Date Added: Jun 7th, 2004
MLA SKU: HRjE7rks6gBlzbp


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