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by Tom Yurasits

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The magician asks the audience if they know the difference between "Origami" and "Chaupography". He tells them that "Origami" is the ancient art of paper folding and "Chaupography" is the folding of a single round piece of felt into different hats. The magician says that he just started to learn "Foilography", the folding of aluminum foil into different objects. He takes a single sheet of aluminum foil and procedes to fold it into the shape of a wizard. He says that since he is new at this, you might have to use your imagination a little to see it. The magician then takes another single sheet of aluminum foil and begins to fold it and roll it between his hands. Slowly the foil turns into a real, solid aluminum can which he sets down on a table with a loud thud. The sheet of aluminum foil has magically changed into a real solid can. You don't have to use your imagination to see that.
Comes complete with everything you need including the can and foil dispenser with 350 sheets of aluminum foil.
Date Added: Feb 16th, 2004


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February 4th, 2016 10:29pm
Reviewed by Cyril May
As a magician who primarily performs a recycling magic show I was delighted to see foiled performed by its creator, Tom Yurasits, at NEMCON several years ago. He pulled out a sheet of aluminum foil, and, right before my eyes, massaged it into an aluminum can. WOW! What a beautiful and powerful way to demonstrate what recycling can achieve. I bought it.

Several years later I am still performing this. The audience response to FOILED is generally equivalent or greater than it is for the No Tear Newspaper trick I perform with it back to back. Both tricks stun audiences and, I hope, leave a lasting impression about what recycling can achieve.

FOILED can be used for non-recycling routines, of course. Tom performs an origami routine, making one sheet into a crane...then another into an entire aluminum can. I highly recommend this effect for its "gee whiz" effect as well as its potential for education. In the hands of a modest technical worker like myself the effect is... [Read More]

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