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Miracle Prediction Cassette

by Viking Magic

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Category: Mentalism
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Viking Magic

Product Description

A Headline Prediction for the New Millennium

A week or ten days prior to the performance, the magician sends the host (or a designated member of the audience) a signed and sealed package to be kept and brought to the performance.

At the performance, the magician announces that he has attempted to successfully predict the headlines of that morning's newspaper and has done so by sending the tape to the host. The host is then invited to step forward and open the sealed package. The host takes the cassette tape, places it in the cassette player and presses the play button. The cassette rolls and the voice of the performer is heard to announce the precise headlines of that morning's paper. NOTE: The cassette is then returned to the host as a souvenir of the performance.

This up-to-date version of the headline prediction is one of the more extraordinary advances in the history of mental effects. It is mentalism of the Millennium at its finest. In addition to the pre-show publicity, one may be certain that the souvenir tape will be played over and over after the performance.

The handsome machine has two booming stereo speakers capable of filling the largest hall, with tonal quality equal to the demands of a chamber music connoisseur. Complete with stereo cassette recorder/player and full instructions. Unit works normally as a radio and tape player.

Please do not confuse this with the cheap imitation being offered by other unethical dealers. Our unit is superior in many ways. Read the description again and see for yourself.

Date Added: Feb 15th, 2004
MLA SKU: v4KymW36edEwh3I


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