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by Viking Magic

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Viking Magic

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I Heard He Did A Great Card Trick but I Couldn't Tell -- I was in the Eighth Row!

It's amazing. Otherwise reasonable performers persist in doing card tricks on stage - with standard size cards! True, the first three or four rows are stunned into submission. The rest of the audience has to take it on faith.

CW decided to respond, and in so doing, we created what we think will be regarded as the most exciting stage, platform or parlor card effect of the decade.

Performer opens a jumbo deck of cards. Spectator freely selects a card and signs his name across the face. The card is immediately torn into pieces and deposited into a small, folded cloth hank. Performer then displays two pieces of clear lucite. Explaining that he is about to recreate the famous Chung Ling Soo Bullet Catch, the performer bands the two plates together with elastics. These, he announces, are the Bullet Shields. The two transparent plates are placed upright in a thin, unprepared wood frame, and the frame is mounted on a thin, unprepared transparent lucite tray. The banded sheets and frame may be examined (for those of you who are into silly stage waits).

Displaying a pistol, the performer explains that most bullets are designed to destroy. This bullet, however, has been specially designed to restore. "Let me show you what I mean." Handing the gun* to a spectator, the performer holds the small folded hank in front of the plastic shield, advising the spectator to fire when ready. The spectator does so and with a Bang, the following things happen: The small hank drops open, and a bullet drops out onto the tray. Instantly the signed jumbo card appears between the two lucite shields. The shields may then be removed and handed to the spectator who opens them, retrieves the card and verifies the signature.

It's an inexplicable effect, well conceived and brilliantly executed by the craftsmen at Collectors' Workshop.

And remeber, you can see this effect all over the theater

*Gun not included. Use any blank or cap pistol. Includes custom ATA case, cards, frame, special hank, etc. You just supply the showmanship.

This is a mechanical effect, not electronic. Does not require the sound of a pistol to activate.

Date Added: Feb 15th, 2004


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