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Sherwood Engraved Cups - Silver

by Brett Sherwood

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Trick

Product Description

THREE HAND ENGRAVED SOLID STERLING SILVER BRETT SHERWOOD CUPS - Note the large 1⅛" balls beautifully balanced on the center cup.

The Dai Vernon Estate has endorsed The Brett Sherwood Cups for their unparalleled beauty and quality. These cups are literally a work of fine art and are made to the very highest specifications celebrating the world's oldest and greatest close-up classic "The Cups & Balls".

In many ways these cups are quite literally a work of fine art. However, these cups were designed for much more than simply admiring on your shelf at home.

No detail has been omitted in the pursuit of excellence in quality and construction of these cups. Each cup has been masterfully spun from solid sterling silver (.925), and then exquisitely hand engraved in an antique Persian style by master craftsmen. These cups are substantial at approximately six and a half ounces of solid silver per cup.
Date Added: Feb 13th, 2004
MLA SKU: FrGAffdVkfmUrKb


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