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Heavy Hitters

by Geer, Brian

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: DVD

Product Description

Over two hours of close up magic for the working magician!

Magic that includes: sponge balls, a watch steal, razorblades, rubberbands, many card effects, color changes, quarter penetrating the cellophane wrap of a deck of cards, egg bag routine with a production of a full glass of water completely surrounded, a live gold fish, borrowed bill in bag of chips, signed silk in potato, and much much more.
Date Added: Jan 21st, 2004


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Official Review

January 21st, 2004 3:44pm
Reviewed by Brad Henderson
Max Maven was quoted to the effect of having said, "Magicians of the 20th Century have managed to do something pretty amazing. They have taken something inherently profound, and rendered it meaningless and trivial."

By that standard of amazing, Brian Geer is the greatest magician who ever lived.

I watched this DVD all the way through once and didn't think I could bring myself to watch it again, it pained me that much. However, instead of relegating this review to the memories unfortunately stuck in my brain, I will watch the DVD again and comment trick by trick.

Coin through Plastic. This has been in print somewhere before. I think with a cigarette package. A quarter is knocked through the plastic sleeve surrounding a deck of cards. Not a bad trick, but his routining is banal. Repetition after repetition with the same words over and over. No direction, no build up, no hook. Just "It goes right inside there, I can pluck it through. Of course I can go back where it started,... [Read More]

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