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David Stone Lecture Video (VHS)

by David Stone

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: International Magic

Product Description

David has produced two coin magic videos before this filming. Since their release in France, they have become the country's top selling magic videos. Here, you have the chance to see for yourself the reason for his success.

The lecture begins with a 10 minute presentation of a commercial close up magic show. It includes the following classic routines: Easy Money, Sponge Balls, Ring flight, Card Manipulations and Chosen Card to Mouth. All are beautifully performed in the hands without use of the table. In this David gives an excellent example of his approach to table hopping.

He then proceeds with performance and full explanation of the following effects.

Light my fire. An effect in which a cigarette continuously vanishes and reproduced, is broken in two then restored, Finally transposing many times with a lighter. An excellent routine using an unlit cigarette.

Dr. Kard and Miss Money Surprise. Four coins appear one by one from two playing cards, the cards are continuously shown on both sides, yet still the coins appear. This is followed by Cocktail Matrix. A very baffling coin matrix, without using cards, where the final coin arrives in the spectators hand, making an excellent finish.

A simple yet very impressive version of pushing a Straw through chin, followed by a beautiful coin routine titled Never two without Four. In this David uses excellent coin handling along with perfect misdirection to enable him to produce, vanish then reproduce 4 silver coins, all cleanly done on the table top.

An excellent lecture full with commercial magic.

(Duration approximately 65 minutes)

Skill level: Some previous magic knowledge is expected, reasonable practice should allow all routines to be learnt without difficulty.

(Available in PAL & NTSC)
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2004
MLA SKU: yG5F7aFvGVG6rf3


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