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Carlos Vaquera Lecture Video (VHS)

by Carlos Vaquera

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)
Publisher: International Magic

Product Description

On this tape, Awarding-winning magician Carlos Vaquera offers a wonderful lecture on performing close up magic in the real world!

Carlos opens with a formal close up show, designed for a 'parlour' style setting. Tricks taught include:

Four Coin Production - An ultra clean method ending with the production of a large coin.
Coin Matrix - One of the cleanest, most baffling methods ever, with a surprise finish!

Carlos, employs unique teaching methods that make learning these effects easier than ever before! He also offers advice on performance, scripting, devising a program and infusing your work with emotional content.

Carlos then moves on to 'strolling' close up, as in restaurants, reception and banquet hall situations. Tricks taught include:

One Coin Opener - Carlos fuses various techniques to create an eye popping opening routine - with just a single coin!
The Four Ladies - Carlos performs and teaches his handling of Cliff Green's card production
Universal Card - The four queens transform one at a time into a spectators selection - with a twist in the tale.

Carlos offers tips on how to approach groups and tables, the best effect to perform in these venues and how to present yourself as a true professional.

Finally, Carlos discusses working close up magic on television, with suggestions of the card magic suited to this medium including:

Two card transposition - A great, visual version of a classic effect.
Queen and Aces - The four queens transpose and travel, ending with a surprise four ace production!

Throughout Carlos gives some wonderful card handling tips and technique, these include the Steranko palm, a four card for four card switch, a double -double lift plus a demonstration of the muscle pass. All in all a must have for anyone with a desire to perform artistic close up magic in the real world!

(Available in PAL & NTSC.)

The magic on this video requires some previous knowledge and is rated as requiring some practice.
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2004
MLA SKU: dqM5rveeZeimRwL


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