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Bob Ostin Lecture Video (VHS)

by Bob Ostin

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Category: Close Up
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)

Product Description

Here is the chance to experience one of the unsung legends of magic. With incredible charm and bubbly personality, Bob Ostin win's you over before he even performs a trick. He'll then proceeds to show you some of the best, simple, quick, eye popping magic you'll ever see. This material is almost entirely original to Bob.

Included are:
Vanishing Deck opener, even more powerful than it sounds, a full deck of cards is cleanly shown, instantly vanishing to leave two card with the performers name written on them.
Bandanage - an impossible card change using a borrowed deck. A spectator names a card, the magician does likewise - the entire pack is wrapped with a rubber band in both directions (the face card is shown to be the performers choice), instantly the face card changes to the spectators choice. The pack is handed back to the spectator to unwrap the rubber bands.
The Backward Card Trick - Four red cards and one blue are shown, the blue one is removed and placed in the pocket. Amazingly, when the remaining cards are shown, there are three red and one blue. This is repeated and repeated until the last card, this is turned over and seen to be not red or blue but green.
Pipe Dream - A pack of cards is removed from its case, instantly a box of matches is removed from the same case. A match is removed and lit (to warm up the empty hand), the hand is opened to reveal four coins.
Larry Jennings' Coins Across, performed and explained, with the important inclusion of Bob's tip for the perfect finish.
The Submarine card - One card penetrates through another, it looks like a miracle, but is simple to perform.
Topsey Turvey - How to cut a chain of men from a strip of paper, with a surprise finish when the strip is opened out.
The Frog Fold - A playing card is folded into a jumping frog, but when the frog is opened up, the card has changed value.
Bobs own routine for Skull Location - The location of a chosen card using a small plastic skull. As with most of these routines, there is that little bit extra for the finish.
Four In One - A great routine where a coin, matches, cigarette & lighter all vanish and appear at a rapid rate, all done to a novel and entertaining presentation, a great opening routine.
Dice Stacking - No doubt you've seen dice stacking routines, here is one with a difference. Dice are stacked in a variety of ways using various objects, with a climax that will surprise.

In this great video that'll bring a smile to your face are featured some of
the strongest most commercial yet easy to do miracles you'll ever see.
(Duration approximately 60 minutes)
Available in PAL and American VHS (NTSC)
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2004
MLA SKU: i1Mu2NeHhpCdWzA


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