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Alexander de Cova Lecture Video (VHS)

by Alexander de Cova

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Category: General
Media Type: Video Tape (VHS)

Product Description

Germany's Alexander De Cova is a name known and respected by top magician around the globe. In one of his rave appearances in Britain, he performs and explains in full detail half a dozen wonderful close up routines that will shock you in their amazement.

How would you explain ...

A visual instant vanish of a large silk in a clear milk bottle. The bottle is examined and sealed and suddenly, it is not there! This is one of the tricks that De Cova is famous for along with. "Visual Turn and Restored Card"

A borrowed ring is placed into a glass tumbler which is placed into a hat which is lying crown downward on the table. The performer lowers the center of a piece of rope into the hat (one end is held in each hand). The hands are raised, the ring is now seen threaded on the center of the rope. This is a beautiful piece of magic that you will do! Amazing, yet only requiring modest handling practice.

A transposition effect that will make you like a fabulous card expert - yet handling practice is all you need! In effect, the joker is shown, folded up, and placed in full view on the table. A card is now freely chosen and shuffled into the deck. The pack is immediately spread to reveal that the entire deck is now in order - numerical, suit and colour. The spectators card is seen to be - the joker! Upon unfolding the joker it is seen to be the selected card! This is the ultimate in card effects, and one you can and will perform!

A large jumbo sized card with the performers name printed on, visually and instantly changes to a silk! Like his silk in the bottle effect, no words can describe or do justice to such a piercing illusion!

A triumph effect in which the cards really are shown inter-mixed face up and face down, yet a moment later are all the correct way around! What's more, it's self-working!

Treat yourself to some phenomenal magic by a true expert, not just a creative magician, but one who has the knack of making effects look like miracles and /or skillful, yet are reliant only on basic handling.

Duration approximately 70 minutes)

Skill level: Some previous knowledge is required. Some practice is required.

(Available in PAL & NTSC)
Date Added: Jan 16th, 2004


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