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Zig Zag Can - Wood

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Category: General
Media Type: Trick
Publisher: Mikame

Product Description

A limited supply of the Prestige Collection is manufactured every 3 months. Small production runs allow these Prestige Collections to be the highest quality in magic today. Each Prestige product is hand-made by Mr. Mikame himself with only extremely high quality materials.

#6 Prestige item is Mr. Mikame's Zig Zag Can - Wood. Crafted in 100% pure Japanese Oak.Impossible Feats are Now Reality!!!

Use ANY Can to suit your Own Act - Completely New Principle from MikameShow a tall slender box and open the hinged Lid proving its empty. Put a real can of pop or beer inside, as it just fits inside tightly. Close the Lid the can is secure inside the box. Show two solid steel 8 x 5 inch blades hitting them together, they are solid! Insert a blade through one side of the box and out the opposite side. Now push the second blade through the hole below. BOTH blades penetrated through the real pop can!! Now the center section of the box is pushed to the left "Zigged'. The can has VANISHED from the box! So you push the center section back to the middle, and remove the two blades. To everyone's surprise the pop can is still 100% solid! 7" Tall5 " Wide - Ornate Hardware
Date Added: Dec 18th, 2003


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September 24th, 2006 8:35pm
Reviewed by Paul White
As with all Mikame products, the manufacturing is wonderful. The box is a work of art.

I was disappointed with the mechanism that is used to make the can "penetratable" and have never become comfortable working it the way it is designed. Among other things, the can "talks" on both sides of the piercing unless you are extremely careful.

The advertising description is accurate and the workmanship is prestigious. However, I have not chosen to perform the zig-zag can in a show.
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